The Features That Make our App Great!

We integrate three different disciplines, AI driven scheduling, behavioral science, and business optimization into one solution. This has never been done before. The result is ... well results. Students achieving goals they previously thought were impossible.

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Our Features

AI Driven Scheduling

Clearly there are a lot of moving pieces here.  You have your own complex schedule with your existing commitments, both scholastic and external.  You have different classes.  You have the different assigned assignments and exams to prepare for, each with a different deadline.  Each of these assignments and test preparation takes a different amount of time and effort to accomplish. 

Finally, not all assignments and studying are created equal.  Some have an outsized contribution to your grade in that class, your major specific grade point average, and your overall GPA. 

So how do you prioritize your time?  It's hard to do it on your own with all these variables.  But thanks to simulated annealing, it is possible to optimize all of these variables and determine the most optimum place for you to be spending your time.  Thanks AI!

Cross-platform Integration

In the morning you roll out of bed and check your cell phone.  You see what classes you have to attend that day.

Then you start working on your term paper on your laptop computer.  After lunch you head to the computer lab because you need a more powerful shared desktop computer to crunch the numbers on your statistics project.

But to keep the scheduling engine going, you have to keep Cinglevue updated on the tasks that you are completing, so it can crunch the data and give you the next task.  

Fortunately that is easy.  We have an app on all major mobile devices included Apple and Android.  We also support Windows, Mac, and Linux distributions for laptops and PCs.  And we support all tablets.  That means you can work on pretty much any device you can get your hands on!


It's hard to stay focused.  Yes, we know homework and tests are important.  Yes, we know the skills we are building through this, often monotonous work, are going to be very valuable some day and make us good at our chosen profession.

But let's face it, most of the time the things we have to do are downright boring.  We would rather be doing something more fun, creative, and social.  So how do we push through and stay focused?

That is where the AccountaBuddy comes in.  It is modeled on the awesome work by our friends at Supporti.  But we don't use a real person as your partner.  Why?  Because real people get bored too.  And often times, they can be more of distraction than a help.  That is why we have a virtual AccountaBuddy!  They will keep you on task with fun reminders why you are losing focus.

Wellbeing Checkup

Let's face it ... education is not just about learning the information, completing the assignments, and performing well on tests ... it's about doing those things better than your peers. 

If you want that career, there are going to be many applicants. Like it or not, the ones that have the best grades / performance and recommendations will get that job.  And the best recommendations usually come from a combination of performance in classes, along with dedicated effort putting into building relationships with professors.

You will have to compete and competition is highly stressful.  And when everyone is giving it their all, it is the people who can best manage their stress ... who can win the stress marathon long term that will emerge victorious.  

Well dare I say it, this is our biggest advantage.  We have a proprietary stress tracking algorithm built into our application.  Cinglevue tracks your stress levels all day long, especially in your sleep.  It knows exactly what you are capable of that day.  It knows how to help you pace yourself. It knows when you need to push, or when you need to relax. 

Cinglevue will not only help you win the race, it will help you do it with ease and mental sanity.  You may even find that you are having fun! 

Real Rewards

So the AccountaBuddy may be virtual, but the rewards are not.  Don't believe us?  You will when they show up delivered to your door!  Yes, the main cost of the app is actually the gifts that you will be rewarding yourself with.  

We have found that while it is possible to organize and schedule a student virtually, when it comes to motivation nothing quite does it like an old fashion gift in the mailbox.  

But it's not just any gift.  The gift you get will depend on how hard you are working, or not working ... often times we have to throttle down the workaholics to achieve maximum performance.  If you do as you are told, like a good soldier, not only will get perform really well in school, you will also get amazing gifts.


Gets you real results!


The average GPA of our students after they used Cinglevue for 3 months or more.


Admissions into top 40 undergraduate and graduate programs.


Reduction in stress.

Cali West Graduate Student

"When I got into law school, I was faced with an enormous volume of reading.  I quickly realized that even if I could read 24 hours a day, I still would not be able to cover all the material.  I had to decide which information was most important and accept that I would simply not cover the rest.  But I had no systematic way to do that.  Fortunately, the Cinglevue prioritization methodology was amazing.  And over time, it helped me get better and better at selecting what to focus on.  I don't think I would have made it past my first year if I didn't have this help."

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