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Chris Hayes Student

"I have always found school to be incredibly stressful.  I feel like there is so much to do and this crushing weight immobilizes me.  I can't even get started.  Part of me feels like, no matter what I do, there is an endless amount of additional work behind it, so what's the point? 

But with Cinglevue, I was able to set a limit to the amount of work I was willing to do.  3 hours a day.  That's it.  No more, no less.  And I'm ok with working for 3 hours on homework. 

I figured that wouldn't be enough time because previously I was working around the clock.  But what I discovered is that by prioritizing 3 hours is a lot of time.  And if I take the breaks that Cinglevue suggests and I can refocus between work sets, I get more done in 3 hours than I could do in 8 or 10 or 12.  I am getting better results than before and my life feels manageable."

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