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Hi, I'm Kristen and despite having severe challenges focusing and managing my ADHD, I found a way to stay focused enough to make it to medical school. 

But that is pretty much where I thought it would all end.  I had pleased my parents, but I knew that I couldn't compete at that academic level.  I quickly began falling behind and after the first semester I was 1 exam from failing out permanently.

But I had an ace up my sleeve.  I had geeked out at a coding bootcamp early in college and built a mobile app that could calculate stress based on heart rate variability.  I had also developed a system for rigorously prioritizing my school work.  Finally, I had experimented with every kind of motivation / reward system possible to get me to that point.

I combined all three in the first iteration of the Cinglevue app.  And you know what, it worked.  It worked so well that I made it 2 more years with top grades and my choice of rotations.

I liked medicine sure ... but when my app's first beta testers started getting amazing results, when we serendipitously got development funding, and the amazing team we have together assembled itself ... I knew I had a different passion. 

Today I help students achieve their dreams my Cinglevue dream team!

Kristin the founder of Cinglevue

Our Team

Work hard, play hard!
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Alice Cooper


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Kim Yoo

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Sandra Summers Student

"I got into an IVY League.  It was a real surprise to everyone, but most of all myself.  I was in a STEM major and the other students were basically Terminator like machines.  They didn't care about anything other than studying and completing homework assignments.  Everything was graded on a curve so this was a problem.

I heard about Cinglevue and decided that I might as well give it a shot.  Right away I had a new level of clarity.  I was able to decide what work to do and what work to skip.  It was hard because I was always told to do a 100% job.  But it was either triage or go insane.  No, I didn't get to the top of my class.  But I was able to do just enough to make it.    

While the other students killed themselves, I was able to have an active social life, have fun, and still get the IVY degree.  I landed just as good a job as most of the other students, but I did it in style :) "

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