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Move beyond age-based grade levels and standards to knowing your students in profound ways - emotionally, culturally, cognitively and academically.

Based on research, we know learning is not purely a cognitive process; it is in fact, socially and culturally mediated. Discover how Virtuoso enables positive teacher-student relationships.

Enable learning ecosystems that are dynamic and interconnected to support an ever changing student population, teachers, tools, and content.

Discover how Virtuoso enables teachers and students to do things that previously weren’t possible, and in doing so, completely redefine and transform teaching and learning.


Enabling motivation and high expectations in the classroom


Enabling education leaders to transform their learning organisations


Enabling students and parents to actively participate in learning


Enabling pre-service teachers to build their career

A research-based approach

Our partnerships augment our internal capabilities by facilitating access to a broader range of skill sets, valuable expertise and perspectives which helps accelerate our research and innovation endeavours.


News & resources

5 Tips for Effective Student Feedback

Feedback is crucial when it comes to improving student achievement in the classroom. Giving effective…

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The development of eFun: A game-based app to measure cognitive functions in students

eFun is a self-administered series of games that measure a subset of cognitive functions called…

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Ten tips for your first year of teaching

The first year of teaching is full of many different emotions and experiences- laughter, tears,…

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Cinglevue awarded a further CSIRO SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowship grant

Cinglevue is thrilled and proud to announce yet another collaborative research with Edith Cowan University…

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