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App to Improve Student Scheduling

Students you struggle with prioritizing your time. And it's understandable given the number of academic and extracurricular activities you are involved in.  Why not focus your attention on the most important task so you can give it your all?

We call this the Cinglevue and we'll help you figure out exactly what it is. 

student scheduling application

Schedule your most important tasks automatically.


Make sure that your effort is getting the right return on investment.


Make sure that you build enough time into your schedule for rest.



Hi, I'm Krysten and despite having severe challenges focusing and managing my ADHD, I found a way to stay focused enough to make it to medical school.  Today my team and I help students achieve their dreams.  Learn more about our story and Cinglevue.

Kristin CEO Cinglevue

Our Features

AI Driven Scheduling

You input your class schedule and assignments, we do the rest!

Cross-platform Integration

Work seamlessly across your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.


Losing focus?  We can tell!  We'll get your attention with a variety of alarms and help get you back on track.

Wellbeing Checkup

We integrate with your smartwatch or heart rate monitor to track your stress levels and optimize your workload accordingly.

Real Rewards

Unique gamification system rewards you with real life rewards for following through.

Joseph Hayden College Student

"I was always fine in high school, but by my second year on college I was really unable to handle my class workload.  I had 6 different classes, and some of those classes had labs too.  There was an endless amount of homework assignments to complete and tests to study for.  I just felt so overwhelmed I couldn't do anything.  I got to try out the Cinglevue Beta. It just told me what to do.  I have a single task to focus on at a time.  Suddenly I was unstuck.  It was a game-changever for me."

Our Team

Work hard, play hard!
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