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Why Valeska chose to do an Industry PhD with Cinglevue

Cinglevue is proud to be an industry partner, supporting students who wish to complete a PhD. Valeska Berg, our current PhD student studying with Edith Cowan University is investigating interrelationships between executive functions, problem-solving abilities, and academic outcomes in primary school students.

Dr. Michael Garrett (Industry supervisor):

“Working with Valeska on this project has demonstrated the clear value of the industry-based PhD model. Valeska has had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Cinglevue to guide the development of the data collection tool (eFun) which has significant potential in developing understanding of executive function in early years learning contexts. This engagement has allowed Valeska to develop new skills and expertise outside of what would normally be available during a PhD study. We are very pleased with the outcomes to date and this experience will serve as a basis for expanding our involvement with Industry-based PhD initiatives.”

Valeska Berg:

“I started my Industry PhD with Cinglevue in 2017 and it has been an invaluable learning experience so far. The Industry PhD has allowed me to  combine my passion for Education with Psychology. My PhD focuses on the development of a solution called ‘eFun’.

eFun’s goal is to facilitate the assessment of students’ cognitive functions within the classroom. The development process of eFun has been an exciting journey, during which the solutions architect Dominic Manley and my supervisor Dr. Michael Garrett have worked closely with me to transform my ideas and knowledge into something tangible.

The best thing about my Industry PhD with Cinglevue is that it enables me to apply my knowledge to the development of an accessible online tool, which will support the process of learning for students. Research is fun, but it is even more fun to use it as a tool to creatively design a product that will support students’ learning.

I would highly recommend that students undertake an Industry PhD. You will complete your standard PhD, while simultaneously gaining invaluable experience in the field. Working in the industry enables you to observe the impact your research can make. Knowing that your work has an impact in ‘the real world’ provides a real sense of accomplishment.”

Valeska presented her work at the EdMedia + Innovate 2019 conference in Amsterdam along with a corresponding paper describing the development of the eFun app.

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