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Release Notes 1.1

March 2020

Our enhancements and improvements

Sense and respond (Intelligent Insights)

Virtuoso’s “Sense and Respond” framework is enabled by a data lake, and designed with the concept of events as the source of truth, to provide timely insights through interactive dashboards, enable self-service data exploration and deep insights through machine learning.

Fostering a culture of data driven decisions is the key to enhancing efficiency and designing unique learning pathways for each students. This requires the ability to capture large volumes of user events and ability to provide real time insights – to enable timely interventions by students, teachers, parents, principals and administrators.

Enables users to make healthy business decisions by analysing a set of reports in one go.

A more interactive form of reporting, empowering end-users to delve deep into the data without the need to have highly technical skills.

Enables self-service data exploration and deep insights through machine learning.
Ability to capture large volumes of user events and responding realtime, enabling teachers, parents, principals and administrators to make timely interventions.

Comprehensive rubric solution

Rubrics help students, parents and teachers identify what is involved in the production of quality work. Virtuoso, offers a rubric with comprehensive and descriptive scoring (or marking) scheme that evaluate the quality of students’ constructed responses towards a certain task or an assignment.

A type of matrix that provides scaled levels of achievement or performance for a set of criteria or dimensions of quality for a particular assessment task.

Enables students/ guardians to know a student’s current level and what they have to achieve in order to go to the next level.

Student transfer functionality

It is quite common for students to transition between schools and we have considered this. Virtuoso, with this new feature, would ensure that parents, in particular, experience a seamless transfer process by eliminating the need for redundant documentation.

Advances in the business process management (BPM) system: allows users to manage, design and execute complex processes more efficiently.

A student transfer functionality that lessens the difficulties that arise during the transfer process.

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