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We provide assurances to all stakeholders that they engage with the platform with privacy and confidentiality at all times.

The Virtuoso platform is designed from the ground up with optimal security practices.

For Cinglevue and the educational establishments we serve, it must be a paramount concern with so much sensitive information at stake.

Our multifaceted approach towards safeguarding the school community includes:

Access control

User access in Virtuoso is regulated by a comprehensive authentication and authorisation system. Access to specific data and system functionality can be granted or restricted at a granular level. A role-based authorisation model ensures that each user is provided access to only the specific data and functionality needed:

  • Centralised control of user accounts from Virtuoso’s user management services or via integration with your organisation’s user directory.
  • Industry-standard OpenID protocol and password-protected access control, which can be further strengthened using OTP (One Time Password).

API security

Virtuoso utilises Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help prevent cyber attacks or data being intercepted between users, including personal information and login credentials:

  • Internal and external APIs (accommodating third-party integrations) are designed in accordance with the REST (Representational State Transfer) standard.
  • APIs are protected by token-based access control, which uses JWT (JSON Web Token) as the token standard (providing bank-level security).

Infrastructure security

Virtuoso is deployed via Google Cloud Platform, which is recognised around the world as a transparent, flexible, and secure cloud provider. This provides a safe and secure community environment where students, teachers, parents, and other key stakeholders can create and exchange information without risk:

  • Deployment architecture is designed in accordance with the best industry practices and is constantly reviewed by Cinglevue’s Enterprise Architects.
  • Google Cloud Platform uses Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as the container orchestration platform, featuring private IPs and no client access to public endpoints.

Data security

Virtuoso has been designed from the ground up with platform data security prioritised. This safeguards sensitive information and provides assurances for teachers and students:

  • Addresses data security when data is in transit as well as at rest.
  • Encryption is used for securing data files across the storage array and TLS (Transport Layer Security) is enabled in all internal and external data transfers.
  • Security testing is undertaken by a dedicated and well-resourced internal security testing team.

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