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Haven immersive learning

Haven: incorporating immersive learning activities into lessons and assessments

Allows educators to effectively incorporate immersive learning activities into lesson plans to realise particular learning outcomes – and to gather detailed information on student actions during lessons.

haven analytics

Insightful data

Data captured during Haven experiences can be combined with data collected more broadly throughout Virtuoso, providing a strong foundation for identifying new insights into student learning.

haven safe

Safe and engaging environments

Haven supports the development of student understanding, skills, and competencies via an immersive and experiential medium, where activities can be scaffolded in response to student interaction to guide progress.

Providing a safe environment for students to experience virtual reality and augmented reality

Haven includes an expanding library of virtual reality, augmented reality, and traditional screen-based simulations, games, and creation tools.

  • These are all available in Virtuoso’s Resource Library for teachers to include in lessons.
  • Students can immerse themselves in their own creations: they can learn about dangers in safe environments, visit far-away planets in outer space, travel through plant cells at microscopic scales, or create works of 3-D art and architecture in mid-air.
haven safety

Providing teachers with the confidence to use immersive technologies in the classroom

Haven is supported by a personified Artificial Virtual Assistant (A.V.A): a friendly guide throughout the system, providing support and sending information between Virtuoso and its different users.

  • Haven includes teacher and school guides supporting the introduction, onboarding, and ongoing use of immersive technologies in the classroom.
  • Teachers can customise and monitor Haven sessions in real-time, setting time limits, adding instructional text, and commenting.
  • Students can collect portfolio work or provide feedback.

Measuring student performance, providing insights through the power of machine learning

Haven records and classifies the actions performed by users.

  • This provides educators with detailed insights into the specific sequence of actions that students undertake in their pursuit of a given learning objective.
  • This facilitates the observation of behaviour patterns.
  • It also helps educators predict how a student is going to perform a task.
  • It can allow more timely interventions during the learning path.

Interested in learning more?

Become a Haven Partner

We are expanding the range of immersive learning experiences available for teachers and students to use in the classroom. By working jointly with a team of educational partners, we connect teachers, students, domain experts, and content developers. This helps validate the approach and improve the learning outcomes of the immersive experiences we enable through Haven.

Haven partner portal & software development kit (SDK) available soon!

Request early access to Haven experiences and SDK

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