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eFun: Enabling schools and teachers access to student executive function in natural learning settings

eFun is an educational assessment app that facilitates individual learning and supports a foundation for success in school and beyond. By integrating eFun into our learning enablement platform, Virtuoso will better assist teachers with developing individual learning plans.

eFun app

Enhancing Virtuoso’s capacity in empowering teachers to better assist their students

Children need foundational learning skills (Executive Functions) to be able to store and work with the information they are receiving throughout the day. With our eFun app, primary school teachers can access the developmental level of their students’ executive functions, by measuring three core executive functions: working memory, inhibition and cognitive flexibility, and problem-solving ability. These skills allow students to control cognition and behaviour, supporting a foundation for success in school and life.

The eFun games have been designed to be child-friendly and engaging.

Child-friendly audio instructions guide students through all games.

Each game contains a brief introductory story at the start.

The game starts with a practice phase to help students familiarise themselves with the game.

At the end of each game, the students are presented with a feedback screen to show how the aim of the task has been achieved.

Our four games within eFun make executive functions fun

We support teachers to better understand students executive functions and how it impacts their learning.

Ice Floats

The goal of the game is to remember a sequence of ice floats in reversed order.

Designed to measure working memory.

Log Chop

The goal of the game is to react to logs that are passing the screen but to inhibit the response to icicles passing the screen.

Designed to measure inhibition.

Ice Cube Sorting

The goal of the game is to flexibility switch between sorting rules that change throughout the game.

Designed to measure cognitive flexibility.

Castle Adventure

The goal of the game is to solve different puzzle problems by pushing objects around a grid.

Designed to measure problem-solving in children and is hypothesized to relate to the other 3 core executive functions.

eFun has been developed through our industry-based PhD program.

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