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Everything your school community needs for student-centric learning on a single intuitive platform

Virtuoso is a new category of learning enablement solutions that’s designed around the concept of “knowing” each student, emotionally, culturally, cognitively and academically. This is made possible by harnessing the collective wisdom of all those who interact with students into a single view.

Imagine a platform that is capable of considering each student’s interest and skill level during their learning, not only within the confines of the physical classroom, but beyond, as students access and interact with learning content and teacher designed experiences from any location. Imagine a platform that integrates assessment with learning and reporting in a customised way, providing in-context insights, useful for teaching, learning and assessment, on a daily basis. Imagine educators having more time to facilitate the collaboration with and among students, as well as collaborating amongst themselves within a community of practice.

With a clear understanding that “no single size fits all” in education and that diversity is the norm, Virtuoso’s, array of integrated processes enables a genuine paradigm shift in education, empowering educators with the ability to consistently deliver customised experiences, equitable learning, and more importantly, at scale, for all students.

Virtuoso – built for education with students, teachers and parents in mind.

Teaching and learning innovation with Virtuoso

Powered by research and best educational practice, Virtuoso enables forward-looking institutions to continuously innovate and transform teaching and learning for each and every student.

Helps design and deliver engaging learning experiences through collaboration and a deeper understanding of individual students.
Provides powerful tools and resources to gain actionable intelligence and move education forward.

Get a single view of individual students for more personalised learning

With Virtuoso, your school community can work together to identify each student’s learning needs. This leads to the development and implementation of timely strategies to address these needs and cultivate areas of interest.

Key Features

Develop and share individual student goals and milestones, implement a timely learning plan, and foster self-directed education. Capture and analyse learning behaviour insights and generate reports for teachers and school psychologists to develop the right intervention plan.

Keep detailed records of each student in one place: basic student profile, ePortfolio, exit and transfer records, welfare and support record, and more.

Collaborate seamlessly to co-create more engaging student experiences

Virtuoso connects everyone in your school community as partners of learning transformation. Timely communications, resource and information sharing, and professional learning communities enable this.

Key Features

Facilitate the co-creation and sharing of learning content between teachers and students, using the intuitive design canvas that empowers students to develop their own learning approaches.

Create a professional learning community for teachers, with a shared resource portal that provides access to peer knowledge, experience, and resources in the co-creation of course content.

Bring students, teachers, and parents together to share resources, provide feedback, and form groups of common interest, using Cisco Webex Team’s messaging and video conferencing tools.

Make smarter decisions faster with evidence-based insights

Improve your educational return on decisions with our cutting-edge data analytics and reporting. Virtuoso captures and analyses a broad range of data and uses analytics expertise and intuitive tools to visualise actionable insights into your students and school.

Key Features

Help your teachers and educational leaders understand, interact with, and use data every day, through the intuitive dashboard and reports that incorporate smart visualisation.

Empower teachers and parents to quickly discover important trends or develop a deeper understanding of student learning. Integrate external sources (e.g. NAPLAN) into your data for more advanced insights.

Provide data analysts with a comprehensive set of tools to engage with data at a deeper level using our computer adaptive testing tools, learning style inventory, and social network analysis of user engagement.

Make learning more memorable with immersive classroom technology

Integrate immersive learning activities and content into lessons to increase engagement using Haven, our virtual and augmented reality learning environment that provides detailed information on students’ actions during immersive experiences to help identify strengths and weaknesses.

With Haven, educators can readily design and embed immersive learning activities into their lessons with the captured data providing further basis for both directive feedback during the scenario, as well as detailed post-performance feedback and identifying areas users need to work on in accordance with a mastery learning approach.

Better learning outcomes for the entire school ecosystem

Learn how Virtuoso’s research informed processes supports enabling and empowers students, teachers, parents and education leaders.


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