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System requirements

A suitable and supported browser with cookies and JavaScript enabled is all that is required to access Virtuoso. The supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge. We don’t support any beta versions of these browsers or alternative open source builds of them.

Mobile platforms

Virtuoso should be run preferably on iOS 11.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later. You can also log in to Virtuoso using your web browser on your iOS device. Some zooming may be required. Virtuoso will work on most devices and you’ll get best results with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

Virtuoso features

Information about attendance provides useful background information about which students attend school consistently, offering key data for determining success. Virtuoso offers the opportunity to collate and analyse student attendance data at a detailed level to accommodate daily and partial absences. This information is useful for tracking and monitoring attendance over time, identifying patterns in student absences, and responding accordingly. This feature also has the ability to accommodate state or district-level reporting requirements and school excursions can also be managed, including parental permission and payments.

Today’s learning experiences require students to be more engaged and motivated. One way of accomplishing this is through badge rewarding, which represents an online representation of skill or achievement. Virtuoso now provides users with the capacity to create badges with different criteria. This feature advances how a student’s accomplishments, skills, qualities or interests gained in any learning environment are displayed. Moreover, it enables teachers to better engage and manage students who become leaders of their own learning. 

We understand that each organisation has unique processes and workflows. The Virtuoso Business Process Management Engine offers the flexibility to personalise and implement detailed business processes and workflows within Virtuoso. These workflows can be integrated within the broader capabilities of the Virtuoso platform, incorporating multiple users and dedicated decision checkpoints. This functionality can be used to accommodate a range of scenarios, including customised registration and enrolment processes for specific schools, or specific case management and student wellbeing protocols., and student wellbeing protocols.

Each day, there are quite a number of tasks that we need to achieve. Virtuoso’s comprehensive  calendar capabilities provides an easy process of scheduling meetings, events, and specific interactions and discussions. In this way, users are able to manage their daily activities, with the benefit of being directly integrated with Virtuoso’s web conferencing system. This allows users to readily engage and collaborate without restriction. For teachers and students, this also incorporates lesson schedules, class events and activities, and assessment submissions and deadlines.

Virtuoso’s Case Management and Student Wellbeing system provides a highly configurable solution which enables schools to configure business processes and procedures for the consistent and responsive management of incidents. This facilitates the ability for educational organisations to respond quickly to incidents and track progress, which is particularly important where an incident may be  significant or where immediate attention is required. Case managers can allocate carers and resources in accordance with specific student needs as well as organise and track care funding for counselling and other initiatives that have been implemented to support and assist students.

Collaboration in the classroom offers the opportunity for teachers and students to attain deeper and creative learning processes, including the ability to advance skills in being empathetic towards other views. The collaborative design space is an enhancement to the previously developed blank canvas, which only allowed collaboration amongst teachers. Our blank canvas currently offers the flexibility and freedom of designing lesson presentations, including the ability to incorporate resources from the resource pool and document library in a seamless fashion. With the incorporation of the collaborative design space in the canvas, both teachers and students can work collaboratively thereby encouraging creative, critical thinking and content sharing. Most importantly, students now have a greater opportunity to clearly articulate their learning interests.

Social connection, especially within the context of learning, is important for advancing teaching and learning outcomes. Virtuoso’s  Community Engagement Gateway (vConnect) provides unparalleled interconnectedness, allowing easy collaboration among all stakeholders, including students, teachers, parents, and administrators. This is delivered through an integrated and secure social media platform which empowers collaborative teaching and learning, positive parental involvement, and school community outreach. Collaboration is facilitated through the creation of pages based on common topics, themes, or interests, which users contribute content to and comment on as part of a rich, ongoing discourse and exchange. This functionality can be used to support specific teaching and learning activities involving large groups of students (e.g. project-based learning), as well as providing a robust mechanism for involving parents in the educational process through the ready exchange of feedback and ideas.

Having access to quality, relevant resources is central to an engaging learning experience. With Virtuoso, users are able to readily collate learning materials and educational resources, and share them with key stakeholders via an integrated storage and distribution solution. Educators can collaborate to develop learning activities, lessons, and even entire topics or courses through this system which also incorporates dedicated peer review, versioning, and feedback processes to maintain quality control and support professional development.and support professional development.

Organisation of courses is fundamental to efficient communication.Virtuoso Course Catalogue provides a centralised and standardised solution for managing courses within an educational organisation. This includes the capacity to manage the structure and details of the courses themselves as well as the ability to offer these to students and monitor and respond to their selections and indicated preferences.

Differentiated classrooms enable learner engagement. Virtuoso’s course creation and learning design capabilities empower educators to develop compelling educational experiences which readily support individualised learning pathways. A free-form design canvas with drag-and-drop functionality enables engaging lessons to be created and mapped to corresponding curriculum learning outcomes to provide a granular basis for analysing student performance and supporting responsive teaching practice. This enables the integration of a range of content, activity types, and media components directly within lesson plans, including cmi5-enabled content, peer instruction, and immersive-technology learning experiences.

Virtuoso provides support for multiple curricula to give educational organisations the flexibility to choose from a variety of student learning experiences and sequences of instruction. The flexible curriculum model provides the basis for mapping outcomes to specific learning and assessment activities to enable granular insight into individual student progress and proficiency. Support for machine readable curricula is also provided, as well as curricula that concern the development of soft-skills and lifelong learning (e.g., Mastery Transcript or European Union Key Competencies for Lifelong Learning).

Having access to data means that users can make more informed, effective decisions. Virtuoso employs extensive data analysis, reporting, and visualisation capabilities to support educational organisations in their approaches to teaching, student engagement, and instruction. This comprehensive toolset has been designed to democratise data analysis and accommodate users with a range of expertise to maximise utility within an organisation. Data processes and workflows can be pre-configured and shared with users with less expertise to allow them to focus on applying insights to practice. Conversely, users with greater experience can utilise the integrated data science and report designer capabilities to engage with data collected by Virtuoso at a deeper level using applied statistics and machine-learning-based methods. Data can be imported from external sources (e.g. NAPLAN) and merged with Virtuoso data for analysis and reporting. Data export capabilities are also supported.

Virtuoso’s flexible design allows educational institutions of any size and composition to configure the system to suit their specific organisational structure. Flexibility and ease-of-use are emphasised to get organisations up and running as quickly as possible through the configuration of district and school profiles where a centralised model is required. Conversely, standalone institutions are also accommodated by providing greater control and functionality at the individual organisation level to support independent schools as well as micro-schools, home schools, and tutors.

Over the years, we have collated important information about the learning process. The document library functions as a place where Virtuoso users own storage space that they can access anywhere and share and link content with various modules (e.g., teach and learn, collaborative design space) in Virtuoso. In addition, Virtuoso allows users to integrate their document libraries with their Google Drive. 

 Executive functions are brain processes that help people to make better decisions. The Virtuoso platform offers a tool that allows users to assess the extent to which students have efficient executive functioning skills, specifically, the ability to problem solve, exhibit control over their learning (inhibition), remember information (working memory) and flexibility switch between different tasks (cognitive flexibility). Together, these functions ensure that students are able to take full advantage of their learning journey and learning opportunities.

An essential part of the learning process is being able to reflect upon previous knowledge, and store that information for later use. An integrated electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) solution provides students with the ability to showcase their work to elicit feedback and insight from teachers, peers, and parents as well as reflect on what they have learned. Each student is provided with their own individual ePortfolio with the freedom to determine the content that is showcased and create multiple portfolios for different contexts and purposes. ePortfolio functions as both a learning and presentation tool, where teachers can readily incorporate learning activities that utilise the ePortfolio directly into their lesson plans such that it becomes an embedded and regular part of the educational lifecycle.

Virtuoso Evaluate provides a centralised point for the collation of student assessment measures within the system. Educators can evaluate each assessable task submitted via a student and generate a corresponding gradebook which provides granular insight into performance at the curriculum learning outcome level. This approach enables students and educators to continuously track progress as well as identify areas of learning interest or where additional effort or support may be required. Video and audio recording capabilities are also provided, both in terms of a teacher being able to record audio or video feedback and students being able to submit recorded video or audio in support of task completion.

Security is a central underpinning of the Virtuoso platform. User roles can be configured based on the requirements of the organisation to determine which parts of Virtuoso can be accessed. This provides a basis for streamlining functionality in accordance with the needs of different user types whilst also restricting access to enhance security and data privacy.

Virtuoso’s Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP) system supports educational institutions to manage their finances, incorporating billing, budgeting, funding, point of sales, and inventory. This integrates with Virtuoso’s data analysis and reporting capabilities to assist with funding and resource allocation in accordance with need and evidence of impact. 

The ERP also underpins our web shop feature. Many schools benefit from having a virtual marketplace through which they offer items that are unique to their institution, including school uniform, school bags, and other school related attire with the school’s branding. Through the uniform shop feature, users are able to access and purchase various items offered by the school.

Imagine being able to offer novel, gamified, immersive learning and assessment experiences during teaching. Human Actions Virtual Environment Network (Haven) facilitates the provision of a safe, virtual or augmented learning space for immersive social and physical science experiences. These spaces create opportunities for learners to reinforce their learning through practice. Haven extends the Virtuoso platform’s capabilities to include immersive mediums such as VR (Virtual reality), AR (Augmented reality) and traditional 3D content on screens. 

Parents are vital in the development of their child’s learning journey. Virtuoso’s Parent Portal supports parents/guardians to become more active in their child’s education and engagement with the school via two-way feedback mechanisms and the provision of detailed insight as to learning progress. Parents are provided with access to their child’s profile including their Electronic Portfolio (ePortfolio), Individual Learning Pathway, Gradebook, and attendance and tuition information, and can complete other administrative tasks such as reviewing and approving student excursion requests, and undertaking course selection with their child. Parents can also easily interface with their child’s teachers through Virtuoso’s integrated instant messaging capabilities or schedule a teacher/parent meeting via the embedded web conferencing.

Support from a peer is shown to lead to a greater understanding of learning materials. Integrated support for peer instruction enables educators to embed concept tests directly into lessons to gauge and develop student understanding based on socially negotiated consensus. Educators present stimuli to students who then discuss this with their peers before submitting individual responses over several rounds, providing the educator with insight into the development of both understanding and misconceptions. This information can be utilised to guide subsequent engagement and the assignment of learning activities.

For students to be able to benefit from the learning process, they must have access to the necessary skill set to achieve the intended learning outcomes. With this new pre-requisite recommendations feature, Virtuoso offers recommendations of the prior skills, knowledge and attitudes the learners must possess to successfully accomplish their learning. In this way, the platform will be better equipped to identify a student’s optimal learning path to maximise their learning outcomes.

Managing registrations and enrolments can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Virtuoso’s Registration and Enrolment system enables both individual schools and entire school districts to efficiently configure customised registration and enrolment processes to meet their specific requirements. This flexibility is accommodated via the Business Process Management Engine, where student applications can be tracked through various activities from application and admission to enrolment, payment, and on-boarding. Each school within a district can have different fee structures, with online payment gateways, providing for a secure and complete online registration and enrolment process.

Having access to quality resources ensures that learning is more engaging and educators are more prepared for different learning scenarios. Learning materials and educational resources can be readily collated and shared with key stakeholders via an integrated storage and distribution solution within Virtuoso. Educators can collaborate to develop learning activities, lessons, and even entire topics or courses through this system which also incorporates dedicated peer review, versioning, and feedback processes to maintain quality control and support professional development.

Built on the latest optimisation approaches, Virtuoso’s automated scheduler solution provides a fast, easy, and comprehensive method for creating and scheduling events. It enables schools to generate multiple viable schedules – class or other specified events – in accordance with available resources and the constraints that are specified by a particular school. This automated approach to schedule generation allows schools to save countless hours and resources.

It is not uncommon for families to relocate, which oftentimes mean that students change schools. In addition, when students graduate, they oftentime still want to be affiliated with their former places of learning to contribute to their alumni. Graduating and transferring students can be tracked and documented throughout Virtuoso’s Student Exit & Transfer feature. This ensures continuity between educational organisations, and corresponding student alumni accounts can be generated to allow for ongoing involvement and engagement with the school community.

Although some students share specific commonalities, no two students are alike. Each student will have different needs, different interests, and different dreams. Therefore, the Virtuoso platform provides each student  with an individual learning pathway toolset, which allows them to work with their teachers, parents, and peers to identify and develop areas of interest, aptitude, and ambition, as well as those in need of improvement. This is executed according to a collaborative engagement model, with teachers providing guidance in terms of the educational strategies used to reach the milestones that have been identified, and students being responsible for demonstrating evidence of their ongoing achievement.

To better understand the needs of students, schools require access to sufficient background information. A comprehensive student profile capability enables educational organisations to maintain detailed information on each student. This empowers educational organisations to better understand their students and make more informed decisions, with corresponding security protocols and access restrictions to ensure data privacy. The standardisation of student profile information also streamlines associated collection processes (e.g. enrolment) as well as provides a better basis for identifying potential data insights which can contribute positively to teaching and learning outcomes.

To advance teaching, learning and assessment outcomes, teachers need access to quintessential tools. Virtuoso’s extensive teaching and learning capabilities empower educators to execute their lesson designs and function as effective facilitators of student learning. A flexible delivery toolset supports teachers in the presentation of content and administration of student learning activities through a single interface to maximise efficiency and engagement time with students. This is directly integrated with Virtuoso’s powerful learning analytics capabilities to support real-time decision making and detailed post lesson analysis. Student learning is further enabled via a fully integrated instant messaging and peer collaboration solution which can be used to accommodate new types of learning activities. A dedicated student feedback system is also incorporated to provide teachers with the ability to incorporate student experience into subsequent lesson design.

Learning in today’s global environment calls for a blended approach – a mixture of face to face and online learning experiences. Virtuoso offers a virtual classroom feature where users can teach and learn anywhere. Using a video conferencing system, this online learning environment allows ongoing interaction between teachers and students regardless of location. Virtual classroom is flexible and can accommodate multiple students simultaneously logging into a live session as well as offers a recording of sessions that can be accessed at a later time. The feature offers learning through live streamed virtual sessions, an online space that is dedicated to collaboration among students as well as discussion boards and forums where students can have an ongoing exchange of information.

Many schools benefit from having a virtual marketplace through which they offer items that are unique to their institution, including school uniform, school bags, and other school related attire with the school’s branding. Virtuoso offers the uniform shop feature through which users are able to access various items offered by the school. Schools are able to include these products under the uniform shop module for students and their families to purchase.

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