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Successful internal product demonstrations 2021

During the last few weeks, Cinglevue ran three internal demonstrations which showcased our improved versions of Virtuoso and Haven and our new product Scholarly. As important milestones in our developmental roadmap, the Cinglevue team coupled the event with a staff competition which looked for the most innovative and inspiring answer of either of the two questions “What does it mean to you to work at Cinglevue? “ or “How does CIngeluve make a difference to education?”

The first demonstration showcased Virtuoso, Cinglevue’s flagship product, a learning enablement solution designed around the concept of ‘knowing’ each student holistically. The Cinglevue team showcased Virtuoso’’s newest version 1.3, which incorporates new features such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Classroom integration.

The second demonstration showcased our new product called Scholarly, a learning community where students own and direct their learning. Powered by Virtuoso, Scholarly supports private educators, homeschools, microschools, learning support providers to provide authentic services to students.

The final demonstration showcased Haven, an immersive learning environment which is now seamlessly integrated with Virtuoso. Now, hands-on activities can be incorporated into lessons gathering detailed information on students’ actions and decision making processes. During this showcase, two winners of the internal competition were announced and celebrated. Congratulations to Udeshika Sewwandi and Chandima Madawala, two valued employees of our Sri Lankan team.

Cinglevue gave me the freedom and flexibility to learn and apply things into the tasks that I carried out. The trust kept on me is amazing. Udeshika Sewwandi

Cinglevue provided me with a supportive working environment to work as a new developer on my first job. Chandima Madawala

Cinglevue appreciates employees’ work and their effort and dedication towards enhancing the product range. We strive to transform education and enable authentic student-centred learning.

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