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Virtuoso project Seat at the Table (SAT)

This is the place where the student’s voice is put at the centre of discussions and the decision making table

Students building their own future learning

More than at any other period in recent history, education is evolving at an incredible pace and there is a growing realisation among educators and families that today’s education system needs to evolve to meet tomorrow’s reality.

Students need to develop new skills to solve complex problems, collaborate effectively, and convey ideas in new ways. Too often in education, when multiple stakeholder groups come together to discuss teaching and learning in order to create a vision or explore issues relating to education transformation, the ultimate beneficiaries of these events almost never have a seat at the table. Why is the student’s perspective not seen as a prerequisite for conversations about school, learning and education transformation?

What if students had the opportunity to design their own learning experiences? What if students had a say in how technology is developed to enhance their learning outcomes?

At Cinglevue, we seek to gather an international community of students with a range of different perspectives through our flagship initiative, Project Seat at the Table (SAT).

What is Virtuoso project SAT?

Our way of engaging with primary and secondary school students in order to help improve their learning outcomes.

A project that gives us the opportunity to interact with our current and potential student users to find out what they think about education now and in the future, and how they think technology can be used to improve their online learning experience.

A way to find out if students have concerns around using technology, what these concerns are and their suggestions on how we might go about alleviating these concerns. We believe that students play a key role in the development of their own learning experience.

A project focusing on delivering educational solutions in collaboration with students. Through this engagement, we will gain better insights into the student thought process and how they like to interact with technology.

A valuable project for our Product Evolution team who will collaborate with Engineers to develop solutions that are suggested by students. We, however, cannot achieve this goal without the support from our Project SAT community.

By including students very early in the development of our technology, we are better able to provide more authentic solutions that will enable greater satisfaction for students as well as ensure that they have a great user experience.

Who is eligible?

Students between 9 to 16 years old are eligible for Project SAT. A parental consent is required and can be accessed below. Without consent, students will not be eligible for registering for the project.

Why should I allow my children to participate in Virtuoso project SAT?

By participating in the focus group sessions of Project SAT, your child will:

  • Gain the opportunity to design their future learning experiences.
  • Meet other students in their age range which can spark new friendships.
  • Gain confidence by being able to express their thoughts in a group setting.
  • Be provided with the opportunity to collaborate on research projects and papers/blogs that have the potential to be published in high impact journals or on the Cinglevue website.

What does participating in Virtuoso project SAT involve?

Students will join a 30 minute online or in-person focus group in which they will meet other students from around the world to talk about:

  • What they think education will look like 30 years from now, including what they are most excited about and what they are most concerned about.
  • What types of topics they want to learn at school that they are not currently learning, and if they think they should be learning online, or have a mixture of online and in person classroom experiences.
  • Their ideas on why they think education is important and if they think technology is important for their learning.

To get the most accurate reflections, the sessions will be recorded. All reflections will be evaluated for internal purposes to enhance our solutions. Unless permitted by you, your child’s name or any other information that will identify your child will not be mentioned.

How do I sign up?

Please complete the consent form below. If you have any questions or concerns before completing the consent form, you can contact Dr. Michael Garrett at

SAT Representatives

When you complete this consent form, you will receive a copy of it within your email.

  • Parent consent form

  • Parent/Guardian Details:

  • Child Details:

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