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Supporting technology-enhanced pedagogy
and insights into student learning

A collaborative project between Cinglevue & Macquarie University

Meeting the challenge of applying technology in schools

Many teachers around Australia would like to be using technology more effectively. They understand how it can not only make their lives easier and free up time to actually do more of the teaching they love – but it enables better learning outcomes. Yet few educational institutions are employing technology to its full educational potential.

Teachers and schools can struggle with designing effective technology-enhanced learning experiences for students. This is often because teachers use technologies without an underlying pedagogical model.

We are aiming to help change that and need your assistance.

We are collaborating with a team of researchers based at Macquarie University to:

Explore how to more effectively introduce successful technology-enhanced teaching.

Evaluate the impact of specific teaching and learning approaches.

Elicit new insights into student learning proficiency.

Your chance to get involved

The Cinglevue-Macquarie research team intends to engage with schools to better understand teacher and student perspectives with regards to the use of technology.

We require input on the extent to which educational practices that incorporate information and communication technologies can be accommodated.

We will use the insights to:

  • Understand teachers’ overall confidence and familiarity with technology.
  • Comprehend how readily they can incorporate it into real-world learning settings.
  • Learn how transformative practices can be effectively developed, implemented, and evaluated within schools.
  • Support educators to introduce new teaching frameworks and approaches that make the most of the technology.
  • Incorporate capabilities for assessing the effect of different educational approaches, models, frameworks, and interventions.
  • Assess how text-mining technologies can be utilised to better understand student learning progress based on various forms of written expression.

Upcoming webinar opportunities

A series of teacher professional development webinars will be run throughout 2020. We want you to participate, develop, and share your ideas and perspectives on how to integrate technology.

There will be a series of hands-on activities, analysis of exemplars, and structured discussions during each webinar.

Why participate:

  • Get direct exposure to cutting-edge educational technology research.
  • Explore how technology can support teaching and learning in a meaningful and pedagogically sound manner.
  • Get tangible professional development outcomes that can be implemented in classroom settings.
  • Contribute to active discussions with small groups of teachers.
  • Engage with the new Virtuoso immersive learning and co-creation platform with authentic examples and interactive activities.
  • Get full access to subsequent research findings, reports, and publications.
  • Provide feedback and inform the direction and composition of future webinars.
  • It’s completely FREE to participate.
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