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Participation in iPREP
Industry & PhD Research Engagement Program

From 2015 Cinglevue has been an active participant of the Industry and Research Engagement Program (iPREP),
which supports research between industries and PhD students from any of the five universities of Western Australia.


Latest project

Developing an integrated framework for evaluating student engagement in digital learning contexts

The creation of a framework for evaluating student engagement as situated within the Virtuoso platform.

Student engagement is an important predictor of student success and satisfaction; however, it has been measured in online settings inconsistently and without a solid theoretical foundation. Mengyuan Li, Nadezhda Chubko and Qin Chen as a team reviewed the literature on student engagement and online user experience, integrating information system and services research to provide a basis for enhancing the Virtuoso platform and positively informing teaching and learning practices.

Previous iPREP collaboration projects

This iPREP team explored how DjiNN and Tonic Suite can be utilised in support the implementation of the Virtuoso Sense & Respond framework to support the ingestion, analysis, and utilisation of data at the organisational level to enhance teaching and learning processes.

This iPREP team developed a series of guidelines and recommendations regarding the implementation of an event-driven data framework for Virtuoso.

This iPREP team was tasked with developing a school-based feedback system to increase intrinsic motivation in students and encourage self-improvement.

This iPREP team analysed the extensive array of publications generated by the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health & Development study to recommend strategic directions for accommodating these findings within Virtuoso.

This iPREP team explored unique problems and ongoing issues within the health sector as these related to educational outcomes and their impact on student learning.

Our iPREP Alumni

Project Title: Developing an integrated framework for evaluating student engagement in digital learning contexts

I was very lucky as my iPREP internship with Cinglevue not only introduced me to the industry sector, but also helped me to secure a job offer. During my seven weeks of iPREP at Cinglevue I discovered that my research skills have a practical value, and can help solving real-life problems in the education sector. Under very efficient mentorship from Cinglevue Research & Development I had a chance to explore the project management process and uncover the transferrable skills I didn’t even suspect of having. The thing that impressed me most in my work with Cinglevue was the fast pace and continuous learning opportunities due to the very efficient teamwork and company flat-governance structure where every opinion is heard and valued.

Internship with Cinglevue in itself was a precious experience, but our team was very fortunate to receive a contract for another project with Cinglevue straight after our internship. It gave us an opportunity to experience all the realities of industry employment.

The insights gained during my Cinglevue Internship and a short-term employment helped me to re-evaluate my attitude towards research and how it could be translated into life. So, I was very inspired to continue my work with Cinglevue because Cinglevue is a company that encourages you to explore and pursue your passions and see the impact of your work.

Nadia Chubko


iPREP participant, round 1, 2019

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