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Early Adopter Program
Virtuoso Platform

A future enabling solution is here now, and we welcome your insights and contributions

The art of the possible

Imagine a future learning community in which learners are totally engaged and immersed in working together to solve real problems that matter to them. One where educators facilitate the mastery and creation of practical solutions that benefit learners, communities and the world is the norm. This future is made entirely possible with Virtuoso.

As John Martin Richardson, Jr. said “When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened” which of these are you?

What is the Early Adopter Program?

Our Early Adopter Program is our way of engaging our user community to perform authentic user experience testing of new feature development across our solution offerings.

We are of the view that the people best placed to provide us with feedback on our solution in terms of what works and what doesn’t are our customers and other key stakeholders such as preservice teachers, experienced teachers, students and parents. This approach helps us create informed solutions that are fit for purpose and features that exceed user expectations.

Through our research endeavours, we are continuously striving to innovate and improve our solutions to ensure we are consistent in meeting our customers’ business needs. We cannot achieve this objective without the support from our Early Adopter Program community.

Co-creating and building better solutions with our stakeholders

Members of our program play a critical role in our solution delivery lifecycle – from research and development, ALPHA, BETA, release candidates through to user acceptance testing (UAT), by providing critical feedback on usability, relevance and benefits. This helps make sure our Product Evolution team and Engineers can set appropriate priorities to proactively and consistently prepare our solution for a cycle of general availability.

Who is eligible?

Existing Cinglevue customers, teachers, preservice teachers, students and parents are eligible for our Early Adopter Program. Note that if you are a preservice teacher or a k-12 student, you must use your university/school email to sign up for the program. For preservice teachers, this means you will need your institution’s email and valid student registration number. Domains like,, etc. will not be eligible for registering for the program as a preservice teacher or a k-12 student.

Are you a pre-service teacher?

Get involved, discover our learning engagement platform and gain valuable TPACK skills.

Why participate:

By joining our Early Adopter Program, you gain . . .

  • Free access to our learning engagement platform, Virtuoso.
  • Engage with educational research as part of our Early Adopter Community.
  • Have a voice to share product feedback, contribute ideas and enhancement requests, and share thoughts and workflow questions on specific forums within the Early Adopter Community.
  • Interact with our former teachers, researchers, educational psychologists, and education technology solution developers part of our team.
  • Exclusive access to early release versions of our solutions and we are eager to hear your feedback on our early releases.
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