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Virtuoso supports meaningful educational experiences for the 21st century learner


Empowering teaching and learning through innovative educational technology

Put teaching and learning at the forefront

Virtuoso’s Teach & Learn features simplify the everyday process of enabling engaging learning


Simplify lesson planning and delivery

Design engaging learning activities and experiences by using a flexible and intuitive instructional system. Virtuoso supports teachers by providing sophisticated templates that scaffold the planning and delivery of lesson plans and projects.


Work together to enhance educational outcomes

Strengthen the link between learning and teaching by engaging all stakeholders as partners in learning. Virtuoso supports collaboration across all levels through communication, access to student learning data, and professional learning communities.


Individualise student learning

Create personalised learning plans tailored to students’ needs, interests, abilities and backgrounds. Virtuoso facilitates the personalisation of teaching and learning through detailed data analyses and evidence-based recommendations.

Resource Portal

Resource Portal

Access a wide range of shared educational resources and customise them for your class using Virtuoso’s Content Management System.

Community engagement gateway

Community engagement gateway

Engage all stakeholders via an integrated and secure social media platform which enables positive parental involvement, support, and school community outreach.

Gradebook & Student Profile

Gradebook & Student Profile

Provide feedback and easily report on learning progress using intelligent system features, which organise and visualise relevant student information.

Standardise administration processes throughout your organisation

Virtuoso’s administration features streamline the everyday process of supporting educational organisations.


Gather sophisticated institutional data insights

Collate information from across your organisation to create detailed and highly specific data reports and actionable insights to improve services and business practices.


Coordinate and monitor student attendance

Audit student attendance data at a granular level to maintain accurate records and satisfy duty of care requirements. Virtuoso enables data to be generated to inform planning and monitoring of organisational and individual student attendance strategies.


Automate timetabling and scheduling processes

Generate multiple optimised timetables that can be edited manually and are fully system integrated. Virtuoso’s automated timetable solution provides an fast, easy and comprehensive method for creating and scheduling events.



Integrate state, federal, or alternatively registered curricula and configure courses accordingly to standardise education throughout the organisation.



Collect and maintain student information using a flexible and intuitive dynamic form system.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Maintain and manage records covering all aspects of financial activity through Virtuoso’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities.

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