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Perth team celebrated Virtuoso release 1.3

On Friday March 26th, the Perth office celebrated Virtuoso release 1.3 with laser tag and a delicious dinner.


Darklight Laser Games offers a 575 square metre multi-level arena with bridges and towers. The Cinglevue Perth team enjoyed a solo and team game, hiding and aiming at their opponents, using strategies to achieve the goal. Teamwork in these enjoyable activities illustrated brainstorming ideas, solving difficulties and the ability to be creative in their tactics. There was a clear representation of collaborative effort that has been done with the learning enablement platform, Virtuoso. Every team member at Cinglevue including SL and US, work together in achieving Virtuoso release version 1.3.

Virtuoso 1.3 release is a key milestone where Cinglevue have built, integrated and streamlined some of key learning orchestration tools such as pace, ePortfolio, Learning Design, Whiteboard etc.. We have also integrated our Haven partner portal, an immersive learning environment, while enhancing the collaboration opportunities with the integration of platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Know more about Virtuoso releases here.


The celebration event with the Cinglevue team was huge fun. We played two breathtaking games of laser tag followed by a relaxing dinner and drinks beside the sea. I discovered that most of my colleagues are a pro at laser tag as I ended up scoring last in the first game and managed to rise only a few places in the second game’s rankings! The afternoon was filled with lots of laughter and energy, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my colleagues outside the usual office routine. Many thanks to Cinglevue for this incredible experience. Parisa Shams

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