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Collaborative Research Opportunities


Self-completed psychometric tools for furthering learning and education

Cinglevue is working with Edith Cowan University to develop an accessible psychometric assessment tool to provide educators with detailed insight into the psychological characteristics of students, specifically those that impact academic performance. Unlike traditional measures, Cinglevue’s psychometric assessment tool is self-completed by students via an online interface and subsequently interpreted by classroom teachers, eliminating the need for dedicated psychologists to be involved in the administration or interpretation of test results.

This will allow the tool to be utilised at scale to evaluate the individual differences of all students within a school, and in doing so, provide the ability for collective analysis at the group, class, school, or district level to identify broad trends or insights in concert with other forms of information.


Executive function and self-regulation in pre-primary students

Cinglevue is providing a PhD scholarship, co-supervision, and development resources to a student studying at Edith Cowan University in order to investigate interrelationships between self-regulation and executive function in pre-primary children.

The student will be developing a test battery that can be applied within school settings as well as examining whether associations between early childhood education, care institutions, executive function, and self-regulation are moderated by child gender. Guidelines and recommendations will also be developed with regards to promoting the development of executive function and self-regulation.


Virtual work-integrated learning for engineering students

Cinglevue has partnered with a number of leading Australian universities together with peak industry bodies in the engineering sector to address workplace learning requirements using computer-generated virtual environments. Led by the University of Western Australia in consultation with Engineers Australia and the Australian Council of Engineering Deans, this project will see Cinglevue play a key role in the design, development, and evaluation of a multi-user virtual work integrated learning environment which tertiary engineering students will use to cultivate knowledge and skills for direct application within the workplace.

The value of this initiative has been recognised by the Department of Education and Training who have provided a grant worth over a quarter of a million dollars to support the project.


Deep learning smart systems for educational management

Cinglevue is collaborating with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to undertake research concerning the implementation of an underlying system for leveraging vast quantities of educational data to intelligently guide student learning, aid allocation of educational resources, and help provide informed recommendations based on individual learning needs.

This entails the research and development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework/architecture that will provide Cinglevue’s Virtuoso enterprise learning and instructional support platform with these capabilities based on machine learning/deep learning approaches. Cinglevue’s contribution to this project has funded the involvement of a post-doctoral research fellow at UTS in addition to three PhD students over a two year period.


Using data-driven approaches to model individual learning progress

Cinglevue is collaborating with Macquarie University to develop guidelines and best practices to assist teachers and students to derive actionable insights from large-scale educational data, both in terms of data analytics and visualisations as well as classroom-based interventions.

This project also encompasses the application of sentiment and emotional text analysis as well as topic modelling on feedback provided by students at various points in the learning life cycle.


Industry and PhD Research Engagement Program (iPREP) - Western Australia

Cinglevue has joined the Industry and PhD Research Engagement Program (iPREP) in Western Australia to work with PhD students on industry-based collaborative research. iPREP WA is an initiative designed to support research collaboration between the universities and industries of Western Australia involving interdisciplinary teams of PhD students from all five universities in WA.

Industry partners identify a short-term research project and select a team of PhD students with suitable expertise to complete the project over six weeks during their thesis examination period. Cinglevue has been an active participant in the iPREP program since its inception in 2015 and has successfully worked with iPREP teams on a number of projects. To help guide this process, representatives from Cinglevue have assumed a position on the iPREP advisory board.

Proposed Research Projects:

  • Analysing leading global education systems and the nature and function of future educational organisations
  • Determining guidelines for using Information Computer Technologies (ICT) in support of early years learning
  • Data visualisation, analysis, and migration within an enterprise educational context, including educational data mining
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in generating lower-order cognitive tasks within a teaching and learning context
  • Computer adaptive testing system
  • Virtual and augmented reality learning systems
  • Educational applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Best practices for technology-driven education and individualised learning programs

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