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The Art of the Possible

In order to drive innovation and support the needs of forward-looking educational organisations, Cinglevue invests significantly in research and development.


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Our primary focus is on the enhancement of teaching and learning processes within Virtuoso, contextualised in terms of understanding and accommodating individual learning needs, engaging with emerging learning and assessment technologies, automating administrative processes, providing data-driven recommendations, and leveraging insights through effective communication and collaboration as part of a community-driven educational ecosystem.

Proposed Research Projects

  • Analysing leading global education systems
  • Determining guidelines for using Information Computer Technologies (ICT) in support of early years learning
  • Data visualisation, analysis, and migration within an enterprise educational context
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in generating lower-order cognitive tasks within a teaching and learning context
  • Analysis of the e-assTTle computer adaptive testing system
  • Schools of the Future

Applying psychometric assessments to further classroom learning outcomes

We are developing a learning design tool that enables educators to administer large numbers of students with ease. Performance data is visualised for teachers in an accessible manner to promote the development of corresponding instructional strategies.

Research and Development - Our Research Interests at Cinglevue

Building a performance-based assessment and feedback platform for Virtual and Augmented Reality

We are developing a performance-based assessment and feedback platform that can be used for experiential learning and training purposes. This platform will provide educators with a viable means for designing and evaluating immersive learning experiences using Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies.


Developing a learning behaviour profiling tool to support early interventions in the classroom environments

We are developing a Learning Behaviour Profiling System (LBPS) that supports educators to conduct meaningful and structured observations in the school environment. This tool will provide educators with a viable means for identifying disengaged students and developing effective intervention strategies.


Creating a flexible instructional design platform incorporating Learning Analytics and drawing on current pedagogical strategies

We are evolving our learning design platform to enable educators to offer their students differentiated tasks and learning activities. Augmented by artificial intelligence, this instructional platform will provide educators with informed recommendations along with a flexible and intuitive template for the design and delivery of personalised learning experiences.


Developing an Artificial Intelligence framework for enhancing the utility of teaching and learning data at scale

We are developing an Artificial Intelligence framework, which leverages the vast quantities of data collected by digital education systems to train data models using deep learning approaches. This will provide the ability to intelligently guide student learning, aid allocation of educational resources, and help provide informed recommendations based on individual learning needs.

Cinglevue establishes long-term partnerships with universities and research institutes, enabling access to outside domain expertise to continually drive innovation

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