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Making learning tangible and realisable for all

Your success is our commitment.

Welcome to Cinglevue! A key focus of ours is to continue working towards making your investment in our solutions incrementally valuable to you and your stakeholders.

Our vision is:
To make learning tangible and realisable for all

We achieve this through:
Enabling rich, accessible, measurable and contextualised learning experiences for all through the affordances of technology

Our strategic goals are to enrich our organisation through;

  1. Remaining relevant to you – our customers
  2. Increasing diversity – via our people & culture, customers, thought processes, places we go and content we consume
  3. Ongoing curiosity and discovery – through our research & development
  4. Innovation or as we call it, “applied imagination” – continually evolve our solutions and services, technologies for always connected, always personal mobile experiences

All through your journey with us, we promise to maintain a collaborative and consultative partnership with you to ensure you are kept fully informed on what we are doing and what you should expect. Our communications will be prompt and unambiguous. Our frequent interactions with your teams will ensure we understand your needs and remain tightly aligned with your goals.

Yours sincerely

Greg Tolefe

Founder and CEO

Meet some of the Cinglevue team

At Cinglevue, we value diversity and engage with a wide range of customers, thought processes, and content. These interactions extend our skillsets, experiences, people, and culture. They are pivotal to what we do.

Greg Tolefe

Greg Tolefe

Founder and CEO

Dr Michael Garrett

Dr Michael Garrett

Head of Research & Innovation

Randa Siksek

Randa Siksek

Research Scientist - Education

Dr Samantha-Kaye Johnston

Dr Samantha-Kaye Johnston

Research Scientist - Cognitive Psychology


Cinglevue is an education solutions systems integrator, incorporated in 2010 and headquartered in Perth, Western Australia

With offices in the United States of America and Sri Lanka. We focus on enhancing the performance of our client’s businesses through a diverse offering of solutions and services that deliver real and lasting value to them and the broader education sector. The concept of co-creation, which we readily embrace, is key to our success.



We create innovative education solutions to help all students become self-directed learners

We believe that each student should be able to reach their individual learning goals through the affordances of technology. Ongoing curiosity and inquiry provide the impetus for continual discovery and development of new solutions.


At Cinglevue, we strive to be thought leaders in the field of education technology

We achieve our ambitions by leveraging our global and local capabilities, supported by our research and industry partners for the benefit of our customers. This serves to help them to grow and transform their operations and business processes, and to position them to realise the significant opportunities that the Digital Age presents.

We believe that what we do matters. We are passionate about our work and are inspired by the impact it has on our customers and our business.

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