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Statement from Greg Tolefe, CEO of Cinglevue International

February 5, 2017

Recently, the State of Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) tabled a report before Parliament on its findings and recommendations following an investigation into the conduct of officers of the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) in connection with the Ultranet project and related matters, known as Operation Durham.

Despite not having a role on the active Ultranet or being anything more than a third party to the investigation, you may be aware that I provided evidence to IBAC in the matter.

Given the report has now been tabled, and I am no longer subject to many legal restrictions on what I can say publicly, I wish to make the following comments:

1. For the record, Cinglevue International and the individuals associated with it have always acted honestly and ethically in all of our dealings, and I am pleased that we have emerged with our reputations intact.

2. I welcome the recommendations for improved governance within the DET and trust this will guide future projects across not only that department, but the broader Government. Technology projects are complex and challenging and need a good governance framework in order to deliver the best outcome for the taxpayers.

3. I will be communicating privately with IBAC about improvements in the process of its inquiries. While giving evidence, I was subjected to a range of unsubstantiated remarks, which despite being provable falsehoods and in many cases irrelevant to the investigation, remain on the public record. I question a process which allows the reputations of third parties to be caught in the crossfire.

As far as Cinglevue International is concerned, this matter is now closed and I thank our clients and supporters who have offered support over the past year.

Cinglevue International has a proud record of providing innovative information technology products to the education sector across USA, Asia and Australia – I now look forward to returning our collective focus to growing our market share through our diligent research and development endeavours, informed products, superior know-how and extensive experience.


========== End of Statement ==========

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