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Research Analyst – Education

The Research Analyst (Education) will collaborate with a range of key stakeholders within the Early Years Learning to Higher Education domain to enhance the capabilities of Cinglevue’s product offerings and realise new opportunities for customer growth. They will play a lead role in driving co-creative engagements with educational organisations to get a better understanding of their needs and work across teams to support the development of corresponding solutions, including measuring their impact and efficacy. The Research Analyst (Education) will utilise a system-centric perspective in this regard in order to effectively combine technology and pedagogy to support teachers and students and the enhancement of educational outcomes whilst also incorporating research findings and other inputs from within Cinglevue as needed. They will develop and validate new ideas which inform the direction of future developments, draw upon a diverse range of experience and expertise within the education domain to understand end-user requirements, and showcase, critique, and improve upon Cinglevue’s product offerings to drive meaningful and sustained engagement with both existing and prospective customers.

At Cinglevue, we believe what we do matters. We are passionate about our work; inspired by the impact it has on our customers and our business. As a team, we believe in winning as one – collaborating to reach shared goals, and developing through challenging and meaningful experiences. We work flexibly across boundaries and realise innovations that help shape the industries that we support. Making this happen is a dynamic, evolving process, and we count on each employee to be a catalyst in driving our performance – and their own.

As a dynamic business, we rely on diversity of culture, expertise, and thought to deliver on our goals. To ensure we can do this, we seek talented, qualified, and dedicated employees in all our operations.  We’re passionate about building value-creating products that improve our users’ lives and connect them with others. We view engineering as a craft, and want the structure of our products and services to be as flawless as the end user experience we are designing.

We have high expectations of each other and believe that transparency, hunger for learning, and our never-ending desire to push the boundaries are what allow us to build things we are proud of.

Scope of Duties

As the Research Analyst – Education, your responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborate with existing and prospective customers to co-create value based on understanding end-user requirements and factoring these into consideration in devising corresponding solutions whilst also incorporating known best practices, associated technologies, and findings from research. This will require the ability to structure ongoing collaborative engagements with a range of individuals within customer organisations and play a systems analyst type role to elicit both their current and projected future needs.
  • Identify and explore new ways for using educational technologies to improve teaching and learning outcomes, with particular emphasis on accommodating individual learning differences, differentiated learning, supporting teacher collaboration and professional development, technology-enhanced pedagogy, and linking data insights to tangible actions and outcomes. A broad perspective will be required to effectively accommodate and assimilate an array of considerations across different educational organisations, each with their respective requirements and stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with the Business Analyst and Research teams to provide detailed critiques and feedback on existing workflows, processes, and applications of Cinglevue’s Virtuoso platform, drawing upon previous teaching experience in conjunction with understanding of ICT technologies. This would also encompass contributing to the conceptualisation, design, and development of new features and solutions.
  • Provide detailed product demonstrations for existing and prospective clients based on a complete understanding of the product in terms of end-user needs, application within real-world educational environments, and technical underpinnings. Product demonstrations will need to be adapted as necessary to accommodate specific audiences (e.g. teacher focused presentation vs. corporate showcase).
  • Actively contribute to research projects which enhance the capabilities of Cinglevue’s Virtuoso platform through collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders, both internal and external to the organisation.
  • Design and deliver training programs with existing and prospective customers to provide end-users with the foundation necessary to effectively utilise the Virtuoso platform. This will also extend to organisations who may be participating in research projects with Cinglevue, where training will also need to incorporate a strong professional development component to drive teacher engagement.
  • Contribute to the development of user stories based on the findings and outcomes of research projects and provide oversight and feedback during the development of these user stories into tangible software features.
  • Understand team dynamics and have the ability to work collaboratively on research activities, engaging with subject-matter experts from a variety of disciplines.
  • Engage with research literature to provide a solid grounding for customer engagement and the development of specific system features.
  • Solve problems which may impede the ability of the organisation to expand into new verticals and emerging markets, and capitalise on new initiatives through research.
  • Prepare reports and contribute to the development of research publications as needed.


  • Ability to work with existing and prospective customer organisations and their end-users to understand their needs and link these with existing capabilities within Virtuoso, or incorporate these into the development of new features as needed. This will also include supporting engagements with educational organisations for research purposes and ensuring that they have a clear understanding as to their participation and the benefits involved.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with a range of stakeholders within educational organisations to support adoption and on-boarding of the Virtuoso platform as well as engage in research activities.
  • Ability to draw upon a broad array of experience in different educational organisations to identify how the Virtuoso platform can be utilised to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.
  • A thorough understanding of a range of technologies and their potential applications within teaching and learning contexts.
  • Ability to collaborate with various business units, with particular emphasis on the Research & Development and Business Analysis teams.
  • A willingness to embrace and engage with new processes and approaches to clearly articulate product vision to developers – use cases and user stories.
  • A well-developed understanding of pedagogy, teaching practice, and accommodating a wide variety of learning needs.
  • Ability to cultivate new ideas which contribute to the creation of new product offerings or improvement of existing product offerings, as informed by research.
  • Ability to generalise and transfer existing teaching and research skills and experience for use in new or unfamiliar disciplines.
  • Ability to contribute towards the development of software features and systems in support of research projects and initiatives.
  • Ability to engage with the scientific literature.
  • Ability to keep abreast of emerging developments in teaching, learning, and technical domains and incorporate new knowledge and understanding into product features and solutions.

Qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills required

  • Previous teaching experience essential (K-12) with a clear passion for education, learning, and working with students.
  • Understanding the role and affordances of technology in supporting and enhancing pedagogical practice.
  • Ability to utilise teaching expertise to inform engagement with educational organisations and the development of learning products and systems.
  • Solid presentation skills across a variety of mediums, including the ability to understand the interests and motivations of different types of audiences and adapt content and messaging accordingly.
  • Experience working with a broad range of educational institutions, including those with more specific requirements and needs such as rural and remote schools, micro schools / home schools, and tutoring organisations. A demonstrated ability to understand and accommodate different cultural considerations as they relate to teaching and learning would also be well regarded.
  • Previous experience working in industry or collaborating with industry within educational settings would be highly regarded.
  • Previous experience with systems analysis and software development is desirable, but not essential.
  • Familiarity with research projects and designing and delivering training and professional development activities within educational organisations.
  • Excellent analysis and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective written and verbal communications skills.
  • Ability to balance and prioritise multiple concurrent projects effectively.
  • Must be motivated, results orientated, and have a successful track record.

Occasional international and domestic travel may be required for this role.

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