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iPREP WA | Industry and Research Engagement Program



We are proposing new research projects for the next round of the iPREP-program.

CingleVue International has joined the Industry and PhD Research Engagement Program (iPREP) in Western Australia to work with PhD students on industry-based collaborative research. iPREP WA is an initiative designed to support research collaboration between the universities and industries of Western Australia involving interdisciplinary teams of PhD students from all five WA universities. Industry partners identify a short-term research project and select a team of PhD students with suitable expertise to complete the project over a six week period during their thesis examination period. CingleVue has been an active participant in the iPREP program since its inception in 2015 and has successfully worked with previous iPREP teams to identify opportunities for data-driven software applications within the Health sector.

Proposed Research Projects for round 1 in 2018

  • Data visualisation, analysis, and migration within an enterprise educational context
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in generating lower-order cognitive tasks within a teaching and learning context
  • Schools of the Future
  • Analysis of the e-assTTle computer adaptive testing system

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