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iPrep kicks off again. Welcome to our newest iPrep team!

Our next iPrepWA project kicked off on Tuesday 5th March. Cinglevue focuses significant resources on R&D to ensure that our education solutions are able to meet the ever evolving needs of 21st century educational institutions and learners. By partnering with iPrepWA, we are able to engage with PhD candidates and provide them with real world problems that requires them to identify solutions by applying the problem solving and critical thinking skills developed during their PhD. 

The research opportunities in this project seeks to explore the capabilities of an open source toolkit incorporating image, speech, and natural language processing capabilities which are accommodated via a deep learning service layer. The team will be tasked with analysing the capabilities of this system and establishing corresponding guidelines for integration and implementation further afield.

We welcome Shoufeng Lin, Subhra Majhi, and Siavash Doshvarpassand to Cinglevue and look forward to them presenting their findings and recommendations for implementation at the end of the program.

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