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Industry-based PhD Scholarship – Einstein-First Research Project

Job Description:

We are seeking a PhD candidate with interests in physics (both quantum physics and special and general relativity), science communication, and teaching and learning to join a multidisciplinary and multi-organisational research project involving Cinglevue, the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Edith Cowan University (ECU), as well as a number of international research collaborators and local schools. The PhD project will be undertaken as part of the ECU industry-based PhD program, with the candidate enrolled as an ECU student and provided with a competitive scholarship stipend.

UWA have established the Einstein-First research project with the aim of developing an updated physics curriculum for schools emphasising modern, Eisteinian understandings of light, space, time and gravity. The Einstein-First team have developed a range of practical, hands-on learning activities to develop student understanding which they intend to couple with a range of digital learning resources and provide to students at both the primary and secondary level at participating schools. In order to provide a robust foundation for the collection and analysis of data as well as the design, dissemination and delivery of learning experiences, Cinglevue will make our Virtuoso platform available to the Einstein-First team as well as participating schools.

At Cinglevue, we believe what we do matters. We are passionate about our work; inspired by the impact it has on our customers and our business. As a team, we believe in winning as one – collaborating to reach shared goals and developing through challenging and meaningful experiences. We work flexibly across boundaries and realise innovations that help shape the education sector. Making this happen is a dynamic, evolving process and we count on each employee to be a catalyst in driving our performance – and their own. Our high expectations of each other and never-ending desire to push the boundaries are what allow us to build things we are proud of.

As a dynamic business, we rely on diversity of culture, expertise and thought to deliver on our goals. To ensure we can do this, we seek talented, qualified and dedicated employees in all our operations. We’re passionate about building value-creating products that improve our users’ lives and connect them with others. As an organisation, we recognise the value of ongoing research activity in providing a credible and evidence-based foundation for developing new knowledge and driving product innovation. We actively engage in research both internally and in collaboration with leading research organisations to continually enhance the capabilities of our Virtuoso platform in light of advances in educational technologies, pedagogy, and teaching and learning practices.

With this in mind, Cinglevue would like to propose a PhD project which would explore how the Virtuoso platform can be utilised (and enhanced) to support the Einstein-First initiative from both a technology-enhanced pedagogy and research perspective with a view towards realising findings with widespread educational utility. The candidate would be required to develop a generalisable and extensible pedagogical framework for learning design and delivery which effectively combines practical, hands-on activities with interaction within digital learning contexts. This framework would also require significant affordances for educational measurement in order to provide a foundation for evaluating the impact of the Einstein-First curriculum (as well as the development of understanding and learning proficiency more broadly) and further afield, should also be flexible enough to be utilised as a learning design and delivery scaffold across a range of educational domains and settings.

Academic supervisors will be provided to support the candidate from both ECU and UWA, with Cinglevue providing an industry supervisor to support the productisation of research findings and engagement with the broader Cinglevue team. The successful candidate will be provided with extensive opportunities to work with a range of researchers and educators, including international collaborators, the Einstein-First team, and the Research, Product, and Engineering teams at Cinglevue.

To support this, the PhD research project would therefore include:

  • exploring how digital learning technologies and resources can be used to support hands-on, experientially based learning in accordance with activities developed by the Einstein-First team;
  • ascertaining new understanding as to the potential affordances of activity-based learning coupled with corresponding digital learning experiences from the perspectives of both teachers and students;
  • devising and implementing new ways for measuring student learning gains and the development of understanding based on interaction with the Einsteinian Physics curriculum activities and content;
  • developing broad evaluation metrics which address the efficacy of the Einsteinian Physics curriculum as a whole and serve as a basis for validation ahead of more wide-spread adoption by schools;
  • supporting the Einstein-First Team with the design, development, and delivery of curriculum materials, lesson designs, and educational resources where these align consistently with the hands-on activities and are effectively situated within the Virtuoso platform;
  • working with schools participating in the Einstein-First project to support them in utilising the Einstein-First curriculum and Virtuoso platform, and;
  • productisation of research findings to enhance the capabilities of the Virtuoso platform.

Qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills required:

  • Considerable teaching experience essential (K-12) within the Australian school system (5 years minimum).
  • Background in physics, knowledge of both quantum physics and special and general relativity, and an interest in science communication, outreach, and education.
  • Experience working with a broad range of educational institutions, including those with more specific requirements and needs such as rural and remote schools, micro schools / home schools and tutoring organisations.
  • A demonstrated ability to understand and accommodate different cultural considerations as they relate to teaching and learning, particularly as this relates to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
  • Understanding as to the role and affordances of technology in supporting and enhancing pedagogical practice, and familiarity with digital learning tools and platforms.
  • Ability to utilise teaching expertise to inform the development of teaching and learning practices, products, and systems.
  • Previous experience engaging with research projects, designing and delivering training and professional development activities within educational organisations.
  • Previous experience with systems analysis and software development is desirable but not essential.
  • Excellent analysis and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to balance and prioritise multiple concurrent projects effectively.
  • Solid presentation skills across a variety of mediums.
  • Must be motivated, results orientated and have a successful track record.

As part of your application, please provide a cover letter stating why you would like to take on an Industry PhD scholarship and address how you meet the qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills required section.

Job Type:

Joondalup, WA

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