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Achieving our vision


We are collaborative and research focussed

Our most productive collaborations are strategic and long-term, founded on the principles of a shared research vision. We engage in partnerships with universities and research institutes to continually enhance the capabilities of our products in response to on-going scientific and technological advances.

Why we seek research collaboration:

  • Continuous transformation of transferred knowledge into technology that drives future products
  • Credibility and research rigour in the development of research outputs including peer reviewed papers and publications
  • Opportunities to meet increasingly global competitiveness for technology
  • Mutually beneficial knowledge transfer between Cinglevue and our research partners
  • Evolution of core competencies, domain expertise, and key skills

We have strong partnerships with leading technology companies

Cinglevue partners with technology industry leaders, enabling us to continually be at the forefront of innovation

We are relationship driven

Cinglevue builds long-term partnerships with customers to gain deeper insights into their organisational needs and inform the development of better solutions

Building lasting relationships

Building lasting relationships

We have developed longstanding relationships with numerous educational institutions across the globe

Realising a shared vision

Realising a shared vision

Collaborating with forward-looking educational organisations enables us to work towards enhancing educational solutions for all


We employ effective change management processes

Adopting a new instructional support system requires deliberate focus and stakeholder buy-in. Cinglevue recognises the need for a dedicated and structured implementation process to guide change in partnership with customers

Ecosystem discovery

Ecosystem discovery

Mutual engagement in the discovery process identifies customer challenges and prioritises organisational needs to inform the development of a tailored solution

Collaborative training

Collaborative training

Utilising a tested training process enables newly developed system knowledge to be shared effectively to guide fast adoption of the solution

Cinglevue’s Change Management Methodology

We use an 8-step process to guide the implementation of our instructional support solutions


Step 1

Project initiation

Assemble the delivery team, agree key milestones, delivery timelines, and project communication plan, and project kick-off


Step 2

Trial Preparation

Provision Testing, Training, and Production Environments, set up security and monitoring, and grant access to project team


Step 3


Joint review of solution capability and scope lockdown based on customer requirements, and agree and signoff on data migration and reporting strategies


Step 4


Develop and distribute training materials, onsite training (Train the Trainer), and post training follow-up


Step 5

User Acceptance Testing

Configure Virtuoso for User Acceptance Testing, implement approved scope, school data migration, internal acceptance testing, QA Certification and Customer Acceptance Testing, and User and Customer Acceptance Testing signoff


Step 6

Training Environment

Configure Virtuoso for Training, implement approved scope, school data migration, internal acceptance testing, QA Certification and Customer Acceptance Testing, and Customer Acceptance Testing and Training signoff


Step 7

Production Environment

Configure Virtuoso for Production, implement approved scope, school data migration, internal acceptance testing, QA Certification and Customer Acceptance Testing, Customer Acceptance Testing and Production signoff, Go Live, Post Go Live support, and Operations Handover


Step 8

Rollout Phase

Identify and select pilot schools with customer, create rollout groups and allocate schools, create rollout and delivery timelines, implement review at conclusion of each group rollout, and incorporate improvements based on lessons learned from each rollout phase

We offer custom-developed features

Our intuitive and flexible enterprise system can be integrated with your existing software and platforms


Customised features

We work with our clients to customise our solutions where they have specific change requests; including local legal regulations and reporting requirements.


Localised solution

Our solutions can be configured to accommodate the specific language, cultural, and business process needs of your educational organisation.

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