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Enabling education leaders to transform their learning organisations

As part of the education leaders who enable learning, your community looks to you to create and successfully execute your vision of equitable academic success for all students while maintaining a safe, healthy and receptive learning environment.

You are continually seeking new ways to innovate and redefine how your organisation creates, delivers, and captures value for the learning communities you serve.

Educational leaders support and ensure that teams acquires the knowledge, skills and competencies for building, facilitating and supporting technology-rich learning environments that help students learn more enthusiastically and effectively, teachers teach more effectively and collaboratively, parents engage more effectively, and schools perform more efficiently and effectively.

The Virtuoso platform puts educational leaders in the best possible position to deliver real and sustained transformation – ensuring your organisation benefits from:

  1. Stimulating efficiencies through the streamlining of your processes
  2. Energising growth in and around your core business of teaching and learning by introducing enhanced and innovative pedagogical approaches, providing actionable insights (such as those that can be derived from real-time event streaming and analysing big data), and delivering a continuously improving customer experience.
  3. Transforming your core by optimising your IT landscape and building up digital capabilities throughout education leaders’ organisation to better compete and succeed in the digital age.

Create synergy between teaching and learning by integrating siloes, data, tools and resources

The diverse and disparate collection of technologies in use within the school ecosystem often leads to a “patchwork” of solutions. As a consequence, schools struggle with fragmentation and a complete lack of interoperability – the seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of data between applications.

This fragmentation seriously hinders the opportunities for seamless user experiences and collaboration, slowing down decision making, and leading to misaligned operations, resulting essential in educational leaders work.

Virtuoso fully integrates siloes, data, tools and resources into a single, cloud-based platform. Streamlining operations and giving your teachers a consistent set of tools and time to focus on what matters most: advancing students learning.

Virtuoso: The learning enablement platform that education leaders have been asking for

"Part of my role is to help each stakeholder in the school ecosystem access the data they need."
"I need to provide assurances that data is always secure and private"
"I want our establishment to be one of the shining examples of the new class of technology-enabled schools.
"Part of my role is to help each stakeholder in the school ecosystem access the data they need."

Teachers, parents, principals, administrative staff and students all need access to data in a productive school environment, it must be made available through the efficient use of technology. Virtuoso makes life easier by meeting the unique informational needs of schools.


Informed by research: Sense & Respond framework

Captures and analyses data from across the organisation.

Creates and customises advanced analytics reports.

Visualises specific insights to inform classroom decisions, service processes, and resource allocations.
"I need to provide assurances that data is always secure and private"

Every school community should feel safe and secure in using technology to collaborate. Students, teachers, parents, principals, administrators, and IT teams should be confident in accessing and transferring data confidentially. Virtuoso makes security and privacy a priority.

Applies optimal practices to safeguard the school community.

Uses a multifaceted approach with access control, API security, infrastructure security, and data security.

Learn more about how we protect your data
"I want our establishment to be one of the shining examples of the new class of technology-enabled schools.

When students, teachers, administrators and parents all become confident using technology, the school ecosystem is more effective. This makes learning more effective. But it takes an organisation-wide effort. Virtuoso helps your school lead the way in the adoption of technology-driven learning systems.

It creates a united and shared vision for the school, where technology becomes the ‘great enabler’.

Your school becomes one of the ‘forward-thinkers’ that others look up to.

Learn how we work with schools to impact educational results and productivity

Innovating with leading technology partners

We work with technology industry leaders to be at the forefront of innovation, facilitating education leaders work.

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