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Cinglevue’s PhD researcher presents at the EdMedia & Innovative Learning Conference

Valeska Berg, our current PhD student studying with Edith Cowan University, recently attended and presented at the EdMedia & Innovate Learning Conference held in Amsterdam in June 2019. The EdMedia & Innovate Learning Conference is an international conference attracting researchers and practitioners within education from over 70 countries. The conference offers a forum for discussion and exchange of research, development, and applications in relation to educational media and technology.

Speaking with Valeska about her experience on presenting at the conference… “Presenting my PhD project at EdMedia was a rewarding experience. I was able to exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments and applications on topics related to innovative learning, technology, and education. The conference gave me the opportunity to gain feedback from professional academics on the executive function app “eFun” that we developed as part of my PhD project. I was pleased to network with established academics and to gain more knowledge about the newest educational technology tools from all over the world.”

Cinglevue is proud to be an industry research partner supporting students who wish to complete a PhD. Valeska’s research project explores the development of an innovative and engaging online tool for measuring executive function in primary school students.

Valeska’s paper for the EdMedia + Innovate 2019 conference describes the development of the eFun app and associated research.

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