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Cinglevue Sri Lanka team celebrating Virtuoso release 1.2 at the Safari

Our team in Sri Lanka enjoyed two unforgettable days at the Cinnamon Yala Hotel, on the 11th and 12th of September with team games, brainstorming sessions anda Safari experience at the Safari Yala National Park. The trip was filled with different activities and enabled team members to bond outside of the usual work environment. This was a perfect setting for our new team members to get to know each other better, all while relaxing amongst this nature enriched environment.

“Our destination took us further away from busy Colombo to a place filled with lots of greenery and Lakes. It was a long journey to the destination, around 4-5 hours, but we never felt the drive was that long because it was filled with laughter and joy. We were singing and chatting all the way to Yala. After dinner we got together near the lake and had an exciting time. Our official entertainer “Tharanga” and other singers among our Cinglevue family made sure to fill the night with sweet songs. No doubt some of the wild animals (crocodiles, wild boars etc) listened and enjoyed our music as well. It was a great opportunity for newcomers like me to get to know the team better, as a few of us joined during the Covid period whilst we were working from home. Everyone had a memorable time together, enjoyed the stay and chance to get to know each other more. Big thanks goes to the company and organizing committee who did a great job to organise this event, making sure it was filled with fun and joy.” Vimansa Kamaradiwala

“ Company outing was a super success. Breaking down the monotony set by the confinements of past couple of months, we ventured forth to immerse ourselves in the calm rhythms of nature, where wilderness was welcoming, animals were abundant and camaraderie was comforting. It was surreal to be out in the dark singing without a care in the world, while crocodiles swam nearby and wild animals roamed all around. The team engagement session at the end was a roaring success. While all the newer crew was made to feel right at home and appreciation was shown where it was due, there reigned a sense friendly professionalism that inspired me. All in all a thrilling adventure with the Cinglevue family and already looking forward to the next one!” Nisal Uduwelaarachchi

An exciting experience planned to celebrate Virtuoso release 1.2 as well as to have an overview of release 1.3, which will bring exciting capabilities for our school communities. Cinglevue admires the professionalism and effort of each team member to make the expectations of our school communities possible. Together, we’ll continue building our learning engagement platform to bring students, teachers, parents and school leaders what they need, including facilitating engagement, enabling collaboration and personalised learning experiences, and supporting professional development.

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