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Cinglevue provides SAE Institute interns with real world industry project opportunities

Cinglevue recently engaged two interns, Eric Cox and Simon DeSilva from The SAE Institute – formerly School of Audio Engineering, to work on several projects, including “eFun”, an iPad-based solution that consists of a collection of mini-games to assess working memory, inhibition control and cognitive flexibility in primary school children.

Development of eFun is led and supervised by Dominic Manley – Solutions Architect (Immersive Technologies). Guided by his mentorship and other domain experts at Cinglevue, Eric and Simon were provided the opportunity to develop and apply their training and expertise in real-world industry contexts.

Eric is a developer and was assigned to work on the app’s (C#) code for in-game logic, character and asset behaviours, story sequences and particle effects. Simon is a 3D artist and was tasked with conceptualising and constructing 3D assets, character animations and interface design.

During their internship, Eric and Simon worked closely with each other and other Cinglevue team members, learning about and adopting tried and tested industry methodologies, workflows and development pipelines. They were given the freedom to use their own creativity, contribute ideas and come up with innovative solutions. Their fresh, enthusiastic perspectives and approaches, were valuable to us and our product development strategies.

Dominic Manley said “Eric and Simon have been valuable assets to Cinglevue and the projects they have been helping us with (eFun, Haven). They are both friendly, confident, hard working individuals who are making the most of their internship opportunities.

They are clearly passionate about their respective fields of expertise which means they enjoy what they are working on and want to learn. That has fit into our work culture excellently and has meant we have been able to give them the freedom to explore ideas and work independently, without requiring micro management. We have been there to support and mentor them, when needed, but it has been just as important to get out of the way and give them room to breath, grow, learn and even fail. They stepped up to the challenges and demonstrated some of their best work when we did!

The results have been great. They have genuinely helped us and contributed to the research and development we are undertaking. They have also taught us new tricks along the way. In return, I believe they have gained valuable industry experience, additional portfolio work they can be proud of and increased confidence/resilience to face tough creative and technical problems going forwards throughout their careers.”


Eric Cox – Bachelor of Games Design

“The experience I’ve gained being a part of Cinglevue has been invaluable to me. I’ve learnt a lot in a relatively short amount of time. I also feel proud of the work I’ve produced to date.

I’ve enjoyed working with the staff on a daily basis. Everyone’s friendly and open demeanour has made coming in, getting to know the people and the work really easy and comfortable.

Whilst group work in a university environment was good and interesting, a position in a real working environment has been extremely useful in developing and

improving my skills overall. Being able to bounce ideas back and forth as well as seek help from people who have their own specialities and experiences has made concepts and work easy to understand and develop, especially concerning my team working skills.

The work I’ve done here has only added to, and reinforced what I feel passionate about. The concepting, back end, systems design work is hard but when you start seeing the pieces coming together to form a whole, it makes you want to work even harder.

My recommendations for people coming here or into the industry, would primarily be; Network, socialise, let your voice be heard. The best thing someone can do for themselves is make an impression, make someone willing and interested in who you are and what you can do. And even if you are new, you likely have some valuable input you can give to peers.”


Simon De Silva – Bachelor of Animation

“I joined Cinglevue while studying for a Bachelor of Animation at SAE. Working at Cinglevue has given me insight into how educational technology is developed and how projects are collaboratively produced.As an animator I’ve been able to further my skills in an encouraging environment where I’ve been given feedback along

the way. I’ve learned about the latest technological advances whilst working at Cinglevue and constantly feel like I’m in the loop, particularly with the newest trends in virtual reality.

Most of my time has been spent honing my skills and contributing to projects by; animating
characters and environments, small texturing fixes, and modelling. Haven has given me an excellent opportunity to explore industry workflows and software such as Unity, 3DS Max and Sourcetree. I’ve enjoyed the creative freedom to pitch in my own ideas into the concepting stages of these projects as well as actually getting hands on experience with creating the assets myself and staging them in a Unity sequence.

Feedback is invaluable in the industry. Don’t let criticism dissuade you from showing off your work to others. Learn to fix your mistakes and listen to others as they have their own unique perspectives that you can incorporate into your work.”

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