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Cinglevue Partner Engagements

Join our quest to enable the transformation of the global education system.

Education is the compelling pathway to success for all children, this inspires the work we do with our customers and informs our choice of partners. We have a front-row seat to the innovation and creativity of our customers, and our Virtuoso platform helps them solve their immediate challenges while our action research processes ensures that we continually build for the future. Our research plays a critical role in reimagining the role that technology can play in facilitating the kind of transformation which enables education systems to deliver real opportunity for all students.

We have come to truly appreciate how crucial it is to integrate academic research expertise, operational expertise, and technological know-how into our design, build, and deploy methodology. We’ve also learned that it is just as important to work with enthusiastic school partners who assist us immensely as early adopters because they share the same beliefs as us and value collaboration.

Our partner engagements stimulate tremendous learning and experimentation which allows us to build unique capabilities, and what is becoming clear is that schools and districts that are able to adopt technology to drive their digital transformation forward will build resilience for today and into the future.

Integration partners

Integration partners are critical to the success of our solutions. When flawlessly executed, partnerships save time, improve efficiency, and provide familiar workflows that create a seamless experience for customers. Our integration partners enhance our mission and product vision.

Benefits our integration partners can expect:

  • Adaptability: With technology and customer needs changing at pace, our partner programs allow for the kind of collaborations that would help you find new and better ways to keep up with these changes.
  • Mutual benefit: By collaborating with us and creating seamless ways for your products or services to fuse with ours, you can drive customer adoption of your solution.
  • Customer focus: This is central to our strategy and should be key to yours as well. It ensures our solutions stay relevant, to create passionate customers, a focus on our customers’ needs is vital and we never stop working to improve yours, and their experience.
  • High-growth: We offer you access to a platform and services customers already use and love, including streamlined functionality and cost savings.
  • Enhanced product portfolio: Improve your products and offerings and, essentially, better meet the needs of your customers.
  • Extended Network: Offers you great access to resources, expertise, and distinctive skill sets which broadens your network.
  • Open platform: Our platform will remain technology agnostic and we won’t take unfair advantage of our platform ownership or take any actions that stifles innovation.

What we expect from our integration partners:

  • No lock-ins: As custodians of our customer’s data, we do not lock customers, or their data in. We believe very strongly that our customers’ data belongs to them. We use customer data solely for the purpose laid out in our Agreements and our customers must have complete control of their own data and can export it at any time.
  • Innovation: Provide authentic innovation and services that enhance or complement our educational services offerings to educational institutions worldwide.
  • Must value research: In a world increasingly recognised as complex, uncertain, interconnected and facing pressing environmental and social challenges, the contribution of research to understanding and facilitating responses is critical.
  • Trusted advisor: Be recognised as a trusted advisor in your respective field.
  • Commitment to joint marketing: With our joint go to market model, the Cinglevue marketing team collaborates with partners on opportunities to provide customers with specific solutions that resolve their business needs and requirements.

Innovation partners

Identifying and working with innovative partners who augment our skill sets is as critical to remaining relevant to our customers as it is to our competitive advantage, particularly when it comes to creating new growth products, solutions, and business models.

Our successful innovation partnerships are based on a shared passion and deep understanding of customer problems needing to be solved, rather than just an assumption or after-the-fact rationalisation for a partnership. For us, the quality of innovation activity matters more than the quantity of resources allocated to innovation.


Discover which partnership works better for you

We recognise the significant role partners play in helping our customers achieve digital operations success and are committed to building and scaling best-in-class partner programs.

Innovation Partner

In today’s complex business environment, no single company can address the needs of every customer. Together, we can facilitate education transformation, whether it’s at a single school or an entire school district. Our Innovation Partner program is a best-in-class, global initiative that connects some of the brightest minds from around the world in an effort to create solutions that extend the capability of Cinglevue’s products and services.

Integration partner

System integrators and independent software vendors deploy Cinglevue solutions and provide integration capabilities with their products and services as offerings to customers, partners and third-party developers. Join us as an integration partner and lead projects that help our customers implement process change that drives transformational results.

Channel partner

Channel partners are integral to our overall success in delivering an excellent customer experience into global markets. Our program is built to enable mutual success and growth; helping you to meet customer needs by leveraging our portfolio. Differentiate your current offerings with our products and solutions and drive sales faster with partner-ready technology, sales support and marketing material.

Reseller partners

Our reseller partner program is designed to enable you to address the needs of customers simply, effectively, predictably and profitably. With our reseller Program, our goal is to create an ecosystem that consistently delivers robust, scalable digital, workforce transformation to education organisations across the globe, every single day.

Join our partner program

Become a partner and collaborate with us in moving education forward.
We will work together to improve each other’s offerings and develop sustainable solutions for forward-thinking schools.
Ready to discuss a partnership opportunity or need more information?

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