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Cinglevue Partner Engagements

Be part of the transformation journey in the education system,

Our solutions are built based on research and feedback from the school community. The relationship pushes us to look for partners who can help us solve our end user needs, satisfy their requirements and exceed their expectations.

We create an environment with our partners where a vision of transforming education is shared to empower school communities through innovative solutions. Together, we develop and enhance Virtuoso infrastructure and content, to satisfy teachers, students, parents and educational leaders. Partners complement our skill, expertise and technology to add value to the school ecosystem.

Integration partners

Technology, hardware and software vendors allow our solution to have what schools need in one place, enhancing the experiences of our end users and making possible the transformation in education. These partners build the technology infrastructure that schools need, providing familiarity and seamless spaces for them.

Software Providers

Software and hardware vendors extend Virtuoso capabilities and fulfil product development needs.

Content Providers

Content providers enable Virtuoso to be expanded on the marketplace with information reachable for the schools.

What are the benefits for our integration partners?

  • Position the company in the education sector, having access to our school’s feedback and getting insights from the Cinglevue team about the system provided.
  • Present Virtuoso to help partners understand what we want to accomplish, finding together the best way to integrate the technology within the platform to benefit schools.
  • Access the latest updates around Virtuoso, opening the opportunity to have discussions about roadmaps and integration projects.

What do we expect from our integration partners?

  • High quality innovative solutions, having domain knowledge in the educational sector to provide maximum potential for the platform inside and outside the classroom.
  • Receive frequent updates, reports and professional support such as technical assistance and training if it’s required.
  • Preserve data integrity, ensure protocols, periodic re-evaluations, follow regulations, have disaster recovery plans and a qualified IT environment that ensure the quality of the management system.

Innovation partners

Universities, research institutions and schools collaborate with us on diverse high-quality research projects to better understand our final users in terms of their needs, challenges and expectations around education. These partners are the experts in the educational industry, contributing with their knowledge, experience and feedback to develop and enhance Virtuoso capabilities.


Research organisations

Partners that provide professional expertise to solve school community needs and enhance the platform.

Some of our partners:

  1. In collaboration with Macquarie University, Cinglevue is exploring how to better support the implementation of technology-enhanced pedagogical frameworks in Virtuoso.
  2. In collaboration with Curtin University, Cinglevue is developing a reading screening tool that is underpinned by automatic speech recognition capabilities, intended  to be incorporated within Virtuoso.

Forward-thinking schools

Partners that collaborate with us on research projects and provide feedback for our Virtuoso platform.

Some of our partners:

  1. A co-creative practice with our existing customer CEDP allows Virtuoso to have an enrichable timetable and a workflow for student transitions between schools.
  2. Educational partners such as Tuliallan and St Stephen’s School improve learning outcomes of the immersive experience within Haven through their feedback after having interaction with this capability of Virtuoso.

Organisations with similar project initiatives

Partners that share similar interests with the aim to transform educational practices.

Some of our partners:

  1. In collaboration with UNESCO Future of Education Initiatives, Virtuoso project Seat at the Table (SAT) is giving students voice to make decisions about their future education.

What are the benefits for our innovation partners?

  • Access to Virtuoso to provide feedback, which will be considered to enhance our platform and the future partners’ interaction with it.
  • Full access to our dedicated team, having technical and marketing support. Plus the constant guidance and knowledge share from our Research and Development team.
  • Access to data, considering agreements between partners.

What do we expect from our innovation partners?

  • Commitment to provide knowledge to advance technology and education.
  • Enrich our research solution with feedback.
  • Build a shared vision, creating a plan together to solve challenges that face the school’s community.

Virtuoso solution partner program

Designed for agencies, system integrators, and other service providers that want to help their clients fuel their education transformation.

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