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Cinglevue Community Space

A place for sharing ideas, building relationships and collaborating with your colleagues to make education transformation possible.

At Cinglevue, we recognise that fostering collaboration, relationships and learning are the foundations for improving practice. We also acknowledge that navigating the multitude of rapidly emerging technological solutions on your own can be challenging. We have created the Cinglevue Community Space to facilitate the connection of passionate educators from around the world to hopefully help reduce isolation.

Our community is a welcoming environment for the exchanging of ideas, a place where  and forging social dynamics and group processes can help shape your practice and enhance your personal and professional relationships. Membership is free and you can expect to participate in professional development days, annual conferences and scheduled workshops as well as having access to support from colleagues and mentors throughout the year to help you adopt practical and research-based teaching approaches.

Why the Cinglevue Community?

We believe that the simple act of joining and being regularly involved in a community of practice like ours accelerates personal excellence and helps to navigate the ambiguities of the current system of education. It is also broadly accepted that being part of a community, network, or team offers one of the most powerful modes of professional development.  This suggests that learning between members would be even more powerful than individual learning (Barak et al., 2010).

We provide a forum for authentic collaboration, where members who share a passion for education can learn from each other, create breakthrough ideas, co-construct new knowledge and explore innovative approaches to teaching.

Creates a repository of knowledge to support our members in accessing and interacting with research-based information and foster an inquiry-focused and problem-solving culture to encourage our members to take collective responsibility for determining valuable information.

Assists members to carry out their activities more efficiently and effectively by helping to identify ways that can facilitate cultural shifts, including the ability to transition from attributing particular problems to external influences to focusing on interactions with others and what can be changed.

Seeks to find ways to improve the credibility of new, little-known, or little-understood ideas through research, and making them more widely understood.

Offers a mechanism to provide members with the resources they need to carry out their main activities – understanding that knowledge is both an outcome of collaboration and a resource brought to it as participants come to see things in a different way.

Engages a diverse group of educators in a shared knowledge construction through conversations and collaborative endeavour to develop relationships of trust and mutual respect. This includes the interaction between teachers and preservice teachers, being a powerful tool to exchange ideas, practices and experiences, which nurtures professional and personal growth..

Promotes and sustains collective values and professionalism, including bringing high quality information to conversations, addressing participants’ inquiries to improve practice, solve problems and promote better outcomes for students.

Key benefits of joining our community

Involvement and engagement with research environment


Be part of our educational research environment, where you can explore, discover and contribute to different areas of interest.

Supported access to our Virtuoso platform

Become more proficient with  technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge (TPACK) and increase your confidence in  employing  technology while also enriching our solutions with your feedback. It’ll helps us to create a better platform for yourself and others.

Collaboration with your colleagues worldwide


Collaborate in building a rich space, full of new ideas, pedagogical approaches and activities that would be appreciated by others.

Building a professional network


Meet pre-service and experienced teachers and a network of researchers.

Access to PD workshops/ webinars


Be part of a series of workshops/webinars, where you can learn more about TPACK.

Read more and references

Barak, J., Gidron, A., & Turniansky, B. (2010). Without stones there is no arch: A study of professional development of teacher educators as a team.

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