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Cinglevue awarded a further CSIRO SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowship grant

Cinglevue is thrilled and proud to announce yet another collaborative research with Edith Cowan University (ECU) involving the development of a framework for supporting speech recognition and understanding in digital learning contexts.

Following on from the completion of a successful APR Internship with Mr Denis Shitov (who has recently completed his PhD at RMIT University within this field), Cinglevue has been awarded an additional CSIRO SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowship grant with a total project value of $322,771. The grant is designed to support Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to engage with industry in collaborative research.

This research project with Mr Shitov will involve exploring the affordances of speech recognition and speech understanding as this relates to user engagement with Cinglevue’s Virtuoso platform in terms of user authentication, the provision of feedback, interfaces for system interaction, and supporting new means for student assessment and insights into learning.

Mr Shitov will work closely with Cinglevue’s R&D, Product, and Engineering teams, with additional support and guidance provided by Dr Jumana Abu-Khalaf and Professor David Suter at ECU.

This project extends on our longstanding partnership with CSIRO and the SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowship program which we see as a key initiative in supporting ECR engagement with industry.

For further information regarding this project please contact:


Dr Michael Garrett
Phone: +61 8 6202 0024
Address: Unit 22 – 24, 1 Walsh Loop, Joondalup, WA

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Professor David Suter
Phone: +61 8 6304 6591
Address: Room JO18.417, 270 Joondalup Drive Joondalup, WA

Dr Jumana Abu-Khalaf
Phone: +61 8 6304 5543
Address: Room JO18.308, 270 Joondalup Drive Joondalup, WA

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