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Cinglevue announces the establishment of a Research Centre – RCC

Cinglevue International is pleased to announce the investment of $817,741 for the establishment of a landmark Research Collaboration Centre (RCC), in partnership with Macquarie University and its Data Analytics Research Lab. This research partnership builds upon Cinglevue’s extensive experience within the university research collaboration arena, which includes an ongoing two year CSIRO SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowship funded research engagement with researchers at Macquarie’s Department of Educational Studies and Department of Applied Finance, concerned with the effective accommodation of technology-enhanced pedagogy within our Virtuoso platform.

The RCC will provide a foundation for bringing together industry and academic researchers to effectively work together to create new value by solving pertinent industry problems through collaborative research. Initially, the RCC will be focused on a three-year project with a team of researchers exploring the implementation of the Virtuoso Sense & Respond framework, where this will be situated as a key part of the educational lifecycle. The Sense & Respond framework is intended to provide structure and clarity to the collection and analysis of data at scale, and simplify user interaction tasks while providing in-context insights to enhance both situational awareness and decision-making processes at scale. It will fundamentally transform current teaching and learning systems by providing a scalable and cost-efficient solution for organising, curating, and summarising big data in educational settings and enabling retrieval of information from a variety of sources via a federated visual search application built on top of a storytelling engine.

Moving forward, this project will serve as a blueprint for expanding the RCC to incorporate other Universities and Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) with interests in learning engineering to capitalise on research synergies and network effects to the benefit of all.

Cinglevue’s strategic priority is to progress the development of the Research Collaboration Centre (RCC) in conjunction with Macquarie University as this will effectively position us to engage with the challenges and problems we want to solve and ultimately provide a foundation for ongoing innovation of the Virtuoso platform.

For further information regarding the RCC, please contact:


Dr Michael Garrett
Phone: +61 8 6202 0024
Address: Unit 22 – 24, 1 Walsh Loop, Joondalup, WA

Macquarie University

Dr Amin Beheshti
Phone: +61 2 9850 6344
Address: Room 365, 4 Research Park Drive, Sydney, NSW

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