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Celebrating Virtuoso release 1.2 with Perth team

Our Perth team celebrated Virtuoso release 1.2 on Friday 16th of October with an exciting and competitive game of ten pin bowling. Team members demonstrated their skills, having two winners at the end, Randa Siksek and Greg Tolefe. This was followed by a dinner at La Capannina, recognized for the great location to appreciate the sunset while team members had the opportunity to get to know each other and bond in a casual setting. The event was organized by Cinglevue as a gift of appreciation for the teams’ dedication, hard work and commitment to Virtuoso 1.2 release, whilst we look forward to the 1.3 release, which will bring exciting capabilities for our school communities.

Virtuoso is our learning enablement platform that facilitates the creation of memorable experiences for every learner, but behind it, is a group of passionate professionals in Australia, Sri Lanka and the US who believe in education transformation and are working hard to make this possible.

“We’re fortunate that Perth is one of the least Covid-impacted locations in the world. We were able to relax and enjoy our work outing with few restrictions. And after a busy few months readying the Alpha version of Haven for release… it was wonderful to kick back for a bit and catch up with the rest of the team.

Bowling was a hit. Our Haven SDK Developer, Lucky Hawton, seemed to enchant the balls! I made sure I used the same ball he did whenever he got a strike or a spare and it seemed to be working. I was winning! Right up to the point where our leader and would-you-believe-it tenpin bowling pro legend, Greg Tolefe, struck his way to the victory line by just two points! Two!

Of course, I’m a good loser… and would never take the opportunity to announce in a company blog post that “I was robbed!” Dinner beside the sea with sunset views and great food, wine and conversation followed. It was all wonderful.

Thank you to Sarah Brown, our People and Culture Manager, for organising the night. And to everyone else for making it so enjoyable.” Dominic Manley.

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