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Implementing an enterprise platform for empowering education

Using technology to support effective, data-driven decision-making


Educational organisations may employ a wide range of technologies and disparate systems. This creates issues with data transfer, preventing sharing at a granular level and making the generation of analytics and insights difficult.

Cinglevue works with customers to implement solutions that standardise engagement with institutional data.

CingleVue manages the implementation and deployment of enterprise data solutions via a phased approach that minimises disruption and involves the customer as a key stakeholder during the change management process. This provides for the collection and analysis of institutional data, yielding actionable insights to improve services and business practices and discover new efficiencies, cost savings and revenue streams.


When implemented effectively, enterprise solutions provide a standardised basis for collecting, sharing, and acting on institutional data. Cinglevue’s solutions allow our customers to improve student retention and enrolment, provide better-directed teaching and learning experiences, and enable more efficient and effective use of resources throughout the organisation.

  • Global and longitudinal view of each student
  • Standardised processes, consistent understanding, and quality assured practices
  • Lower costs of ownership, operations, and implementation
  • Stronger capacity to manage regulatory and compliance needs


Enterprise-learning systems offer a solution for standardising the workflows associated with the management, analysis, and distribution of large data volumes accrued in educational institutions. The software enables institutional needs to be identified quickly and easily and to be responded to appropriately from within the organisation.

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