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We value our people and their contributions greatly and we take very intentional steps to create and maintain a psychologically safe environment – one that is based on fostering cooperative relationships, trust, positive emotions, curiosity and open-mindedness.

We seek to grow our team with individuals who are passionate and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Self-managed individuals are encouraged to achieve their objectives with greater freedom and responsibility.

Collaboration, networking and learning are at the heart of the way we do business.

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The Cinglevue culture

We have a healthy obsession with innovation and learning for the purpose of delivering excellent experiences
for all the educational establishments we work with.

Flat organisation structure

At Cinglevue, we intentionally operate a highly autonomous flat management structure. As a research and innovation focused business we have a very strong common purpose of enabling education transformation, for us, implementing a flat structure enables democratised decisions, autonomy in our people – empowering them to be bold, agile and proactive in their approach to work and outlook generally.

Resource prioritisation

Prioritising the allocation of our two key resources – people and capital, is critical to ours and our customers success. In this regard, we ensure the necessary corporate systems and structures are in place to facilitate the achievement of our goals.

Our core values enable a resilient, vibrant and fun culture, one that obsesses over innovation and an innate desire for ongoing learning – for personal and collective growth. This provides us with the strong basis and conditions for solving complex problems that deliver excellent customer experiences.

Career growth and development

We ensure that our people are recruited into areas that align with their passions. We find that when people engage with something that they enjoy, that uses and develops their talents and that falls within the domain of our strategic business needs, great things happen.

We are clear about what we need from our staff. We share very clear information about the organisations direction and translate these directions into individual expectations. This provides the framework which establishes how individuals can best support the organisation in achieving its goals.

We expect all our people to be self-directed and self-aware. That is, taking the initiative and accepting responsibility for understanding and articulating their own needs, priorities and their ability to contribute.

Career plans should not centre on the next job or on suggested training courses. While new job opportunities can provide growth experiences and while training courses can augment on-the-job learning, your development will happen as a result of you engaging in interesting, challenging work.

Only the individual knows where their interests lie. A career plan developed by someone else won’t help.

Work smart, play hard

In working smart, we continually ask ourselves: “How can we make this task more efficient?” We show “grit” even when the going gets tough, tedious, monotonous and we don’t get immediate feedback or rewards. This allows us to create a better, faster or smoother way of working towards our goals. In playing hard, we go all in on our leisure activities. Sometimes using our leisure activities to help solve problems we’re working on and/or learning new skills.

We’re passionate and inspired by the impact our work has on schools and education as a whole.

  • Does helping to bring about impactful change appeal to you?

  • Are you passionate about education?

  • Are you interested in technology and helping enable school transformations?

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